The Source of The Real Influence

Just like any other day, I woke up at 6:30am PST today as our giant 5 month old puppy woke me up to do her usual morning business. After feeding the puppy and taking her out for a walk, I changed my outfit and headed to work. Although the day started just like any other, this was no ordinary day. Today is the day the Avengers Endgame tickets are out for sale!!!

I got to the office and turned on my work computer, personal computer, iPad Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. This moment took me back to my Add/Drop days in college: the stressful waiting for limited opportunity to drop online and for you to pick the best as influx of others are fighting to get one too. As I am frantically waiting for Fandango, AMC, Arclight and Atom to load, I am also shooting stupid stories on my Instagram of my multiple screens of hope. About 40 minutes into the journey, I finally acquired my tickets for the Opening Night! I wanted to scream my morning victory from the tallest mountain. Since I can’t do that, I took it to Instagram and Twitter again. During this process the excitement had me remember where real influence comes from.

All these “influencers” are accepting free products/services and/or paid work from brands just to force themselves to find something positive to write and “influence” their “followers”. How much excitement and honesty does that carry? Let’s be real for a second.

I am still excited and pumped up about April 25th Opening Night as I am writing this. Marvel has paid me $0 and has given me 0 products/services/assistance in writing this. So why am I taking my time to write this now? Because I FREAKING LOVE this brand.

Real influence should come from where the heart meets the mind with true passion and honesty. I would love to partner up with Marvel one day and shoot photos for them. Heck, I’ve even tried to work for them and went through an insane interview process which did not end up with a job opportunity but that still did not kill the love I have for this brand. (I was really scared that it may kill the love for the brand)

I still have it as a goal to one day be a part of the Marvel family and work behind-the-scenes. For now, however; I am going to sit back and enjoy my popcorn while watching this epic movie with my loved one. Can’t get any better than this! ;)

Tickets are now available for Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame, in theaters April 26: 

Instagram Influencers DOs and DON'Ts

This article is for those new influencers and “have been” influencers who don’t know how to practice their crafts.

I’ve been on both sides of the table: an influencer and a brand; experiencing the bad practices thrown my way first hand. I think one of the benefits of studying business and receiving a college degree + an MBA degree helped me better position and present myself not only professionally but also personally.

It is crucial to have 3 things strong before you begin your outreach:


I remember a time when there was true influence in the market. People would go ahead and make real purchases, review what they have bought, and reflect on them through a social platform. CLEAN AND TRANSPARENT; NOT FAKE and NOT MANIPULATED. Now everybody wants to be a PUBLIC FIGURE and/or an INFLUENCER with the sole goal to be “FAMOUS”. So before you aim at the sky, let’s start off from the basics and understand the core necessities which could ultimately make you a quality “what-ever-you-want-to-be”.

Are you a creative and a talented individual who can present quality work to your clients? Don’t answer this question “YES!” if you are just trying to feed your non-existing ego. Truly analyze and look in depth at what you are creating and to what purpose your work serves. Ask others around you, benchmark your work to other talented individuals, and force yourself to find mistakes. These will only make you a better artist and not some random “LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER” who keeps holding products in his/her hand and poses to a selfie camera. (fyi that is only considered marketing if you are a Kardashian)

Be genuine and original in your work, don’t copy off of someone else. Seeking our for original ideas will differentiate you from the Average Joe out there and hopefully echo out your social reach.


The days of “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” is over!

Even some of the PR Agencies in Los Angeles, CA, used to buy fake followers, impressions, and reaches for their clients and believe me I had to clean through a shit ton of these useless trash to make our brand legitimate and clean. Personally, I think each brand should revisit their account and filter through. If there is any huge mess, go ask for your money back.

There are different types of brands with various purposes when it comes to business goals. Some, such as Sperry, don’t care about your social reach and actually look only at the quality of work. Some, such as Daniel Wellington, mostly look at your social reach to determine if you are worth advertising with. I think this boils down to you, as the influencer, to see where you’d like to position yourself in.

I’ve met tons of amazing artists who don’t rely on Instagram and make tons of money by practicing their crafts professionally. That doesn’t mean, however, that you could try to run them both and see if you can make some extra cash on the side.

DON’T RUSH to get to places: If you do original work and strategize your social media management well enough, then you can make it in a good rising trend.


Okay, this is the part that annoys me the most because most influencers lack the skill in properly communicating with a brand. I am going to list the things I’ve seen up until now below and tell you why you should NOT do any of these mistakes.

INFLUENCER TIP #1: Have a detailed and professional pitch. Don’t just expect brands to give you free products/services because you have X amount of followers. Remember, there are tons of influencers out there. It is competitive. Set yourself apart!

INFLUENCER TIP #2: Communicate fluently and effectively with the brand to deliver on what was agreed upon in order to facilitate and invest for future relationship with brand.

INFLUENCER TIP #3: Leave payment/product/service talk second. See if the brand is interested in you first. Demands can be deal breakers if you present them at the first email. They don't know you. How can they trust you? Establish communication grounds first.

INFLUENCER TIP #4: Never start your outreach to brands with “Hey babes” because not everyone handling such communication will like that, and probably is not a babe. It really comes off stupid to be honest.

INFLUENCER TIP #5: Don’t forget your role. You are trying to influence an audience with your creative vision and engaging lifestyle. Brands need content and ROI (Return on Investment). They don’t need followers who don’t engage and buy their product/service. Marketing is only as good as its ROI.

INFLUENCER TIP #6: AT LEAST FOLLOW THE BRAND FIRST BEFORE MESSAGING THEM ASKING FOR PRODUCT/MONEY. Don’t be an influencer who pretends to show interest in a brand but still not follow the brand to begin with while sending them a message. That is just FAKE!

INFLUENCER TIP #7: ALWAYS BE TRANSPARENT When giving your professional pitch to a brand make sure to include non-altered statistical information to your media kit. Always keep record of your past partnerships with solid examples and data.

INFLUENCER TIP #8: USE ORIGINAL WRITING Is there a website from which influencers copy their email templates from? All I see in every email I get is “I think your products reflect my style”. Let the brand decide on that, NOT YOU!

INSTAGRAM 101 - How to CORRECTLY use Instagram

Recently I have been extremely annoyed at how most people use or can't use Instagram. Before I touch base on the two types of wrongful users on Instagram I just would like to emphasize that social media has turned into such a misrepresented clutter of information to us. Whether is is things like "FAKE NEWS" that Facebook is trying to put ads about on TV or things as users we share, LIFESTYLE is misguided. I wish I could say it is up to Instagram to clean that up and organize the archive for but IT IS NOT! As USERS, it is our job to responsibly be social and not misinform people on what we present. I will touch base on those two types of users below one by one:


- Quality or Quantity? - I believe both are of equal importance to how you manage your social media, in this case Instagram. I see many users who post low quality posts just so that they SHARE SOMETHING, or users who post WAAAAY TOOO MANY and FREQUENTLY, or who do both! There is no such thing as post a lot and people will come. Over time, people have been more selective on social media in terms of what they follow and view so it is up to us to curate our content properly and share to the world out there.

2) Speaking of the World out there, GEOTAGS:

- As I surf around Instagram, I keep seeing how many users actually avoid using Geotags and don't actually know how to do it either. Geotags will increase your exposure as well as your engagement (as long as you post quality content in good frequency and with good caption and hashtags) 

- I see people who put the wrong geotag and their photo gets disconnected from the rest of the photos taken at the same location. In the LA county area, I constantly see people putting Santa Monica for a shot taken in Venice or a Hermosa Beach photo shared with a Manhattan Beach geotag. You don't know where you were? SOOO GET YOUR GEOTAGS STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

- The principle a geotag operates in is quite simple. There are specific targeted geotags such as stores, establishments, parks, more individual locations; and then there are those broader geotags such as cities and towns. I personally prefer sharing my content based on specific geotags so if I shot photos on the Santa Monica Pier, I would tag Santa Monica Pier as the geotag so that someone who searches for Santa Monica, California would also view my shot. If you, however, put the broader geotag to your content then the specific searches won't be able to see your content.


- Most people don't really now how to add hashtags let alone they know which ones to use and how many to use. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 unique hashtags. I put my hashtags right after my caption on the comments section and believe me IT STILL WORKS!

- What annoys me the most, however, is when someone uses a portrait based hashtag for a cityscape or a food photo just because it may reach a better exposure. THAT IS WRONG and YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT!


Vero: A call for second chance?

It has already been several weeks since the new social media platform, Vero, has taken a global rise and reportedly has exceeded 3 million users! CRAZY!!!!

Who could have known that some random app developed in 2015 would gain popularity 3 years after?!?



I know there are tons of rumors, news, controversies...etc around Vero but keep in mind Instagram and Snapchat also received tons of hate for multiple issues: Changing the Algorithm, Instagram Stories/Snapchat, the list just goes on! There were a few jealous Instagrammers out there who, honestly, butchered Vero because, I believe, they just didn't want to start from scratch. I mean think about it. You spend 5+ something years at the very least to grow a follower base and all of a sudden people are switching over or diversifying their social media platform with Vero. I'd be scared of losing my audience for sure but I would also try to survive rather than being scared and hating on the competition.

Check the Terms of Vero as well as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook...etc THEY ARE ALL THE SAME AND CLAIM NO OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORK.

Rather than hating on a new platform, why not give it a try and actually make something better out of it? One thing that really shocks me a lot is how most people forget or ignore that they have the ultimate control in creating a clean, engaged, and inspiring community. Perhaps with Vero we can begin on this purpose for clean social media?

Over two years later, during the week of February 19, 2018, the app climbed from #566 to #1 on the Apple app store in a matter of days.


Vero's biggest selling point against Instagram as been ditching the corporate oriented algorithm. Users have been receiving more exposure on Vero right now as opposed to Instagram. The strong increase in the user base as well as the constant follow/connect traffic on Vero shows the impact. 

I have been focused more on Vero lately as opposed to Instagram and that is not only because I see more potential in Vero but also I can't live my life on being stuck with tons of social media channels to pay attention to. I HAVE A REAL LIFE!

Keep in mind, however, Vero's no algorithm culture reminds me of the first days of Instagram so make the best out of it and share your content away!

2) NO ADS!

Do you ever feel like the Big Brother Instagram is listening to you and/or watching you? If you speak a good amount of time about going on a vacation, I bet you will run into a vacation themed sponsored ad on Instagram.

Vero, however, is making big promises and guaranteeing us that there will be no ads in their app. Instead, their sole income is going to rely on SUBSCRIPTIONS! For the first 1 million users, Vero, had promised FREE FOR LIFE access and had to extend it due to the influx of user interest. With the subscription system being placed, we may see a cleaner social environment with no fake accounts, bots, ghosts,...etc. Each account may matter more just because of this, should this realm continues growing in a healthy way.



Compared to Instagram, Vero does not only allow you to share Photos and Videos but also Links, Books, Movies/TV, Music and Places! It is almost a better user interface for Facebook. You can reflect on your likes and your personality more with Vero. Since I do photography, however, I do not feel like this feature appeals to me the most. For those who could use this, it is a richer opportunity for you to promote different brands and work on creative projects.

I particularly have enjoyed how you can include different active links to other content you are sharing. On Instagram, the only ways to share active links are to put a link on your bio and to include in your story (only business accounts)

  • Photos and videos — Users can share photos and videos on the platform as well as mini photo albums. Editing tools and filters are also available.
  • Links — Users can link to their favorite content, including articles, videos, and websites.
  • Music — Users can listen to a song preview directly through their friends’ posts. They can also listen to entire song using Apple Music, without leaving the Vero app.
  • Movies — Users can share their favorite movies with friends by including trailers within posts.
  • Books — Users can share the books they’re currently reading as well as their all-time favorite books with friends.
  • Places — Users can explore destinations around the world through photo posts.



The new social media app, Vero, is innovative with the Connect feature and the way you can network and showcase to various audiences. The Connect button allows you to categorize the people you'd like to have a deeper network with: Acquaintance, Friend, Close Friend. On top of Connect, of course, you have FOLLOWER.

When you are sharing content you can actually decide to which audience you'd like to share your content to and this allows a more customizable and personal experience for us all.


One of the biggest ideas that Instagram community has brought was to give each other shoutouts and exchange followers, should they decide to follow. On Vero, you are allowed to Introduce users on your profile and give the connection/followers the chance to follow the user.

It has gained a lot of attention and Vero's official account on their platform has been introducing people left and right.

This feature can give us a closer experience to grow a stronger community.



On Instagram most people have bought numbers to boost up their efforts, because let's face it humans are fucking stupid (we can only read numbers and not quality). Thanks to Vero's subscription plans, there may be no possible way for users to purchase likes and/or followers.


I guess this was partly created due to Instagram's algorithm mistake but it is time to be real people. Vero should not make people feel like they should be included in pods.


It is time for you to be more real with Vero rather than renting a Ferrari and acting like you own it on your posts. BE REAL and GENUINE.




I know I haven't written anything on my blog since September 2017 and I will work on that too but for the time being I have decided to commit to my 2018 resolution, focus on Youtube videos. 

I have been doing photography before Instagram came out and I really enjoy photography. When you try to combine it with video, however, I just can't seem to work both at the same time. This challenge had me stop making videos for about 2 months before the new year and now I am ready to work harder on it.

Customers above Brands!

I have recently had an unpleasant taste with the United Parcel Service (aka UPS) based on a escalating cases and experiences with them.

Based on the 2013 mission statement of UPS: What We Seek to Achieve: Grow our global business by serving the logistics needs of customers, offering excellence and value in all that we do. Maintain a financially strong company-with broad employee ownership-that provides a long-term competitive return to our share owners.

Let's break their mission statement down with respect to the mistakes and fails I have experienced with them and how a company with such unprofessional operations should actually file a Chapter 11 as opposed to grow.


I have recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles with my fiance to embark on this beautiful and exciting new life only to be annoyed by the inefficient business structure of UPS.

The main purpose and function of UPS, as stated on their mission statement, is to serve to the logistics needs of their customers. Get one package from Destination A to Destination B within the requested time. Well, guess what, UPS screwed up big time with that expected main function.

I have created 19 labels for 19 boxes late August, before we left Boston, to be delivered to Los Angeles. Measured the box sizes and weighed each of them and paid about $1940 total. Aside from the fact that their website is a huge chaos, I was informed by Customer Service that with an app they call "MyChoice" we can reschedule the delivery date so that we can receive all of our 19 boxes on that desired date.

After hauling the boxes downstairs one by one and getting them picked up by the UPS driver, who showed up at 7:30pm, I got on MyChoice to change the delivery dates. ($5 extra cost per box if you want to change the delivery date)

With much struggle and stress with their system and interface, I have managed to receive written confirmation that all 19 boxes will be delivered on September 8th. 

Today, September 8th; as I am writing this blog in full frustration, our boxes have not been delivered. Sooooooo that is Fail #1


For a business to be successful, the brand has to focus on its main stakeholder also known as the CUSTOMER! 

Customers seek promises to be fulfilled in the best demanded and promised quality. In UPS's case, within the right time and right communication. Below I will be listing down all the fails in quality I had to face with UPS since day 1 till even now.

a) Lack of user friendly interface on web and app: While creating the 19 labels for the boxes I ran into an obstacle of not being able to create 19 requests at once. I called the Customer Service and was informed that I should start an account to create at most 20 labels. So I created my account as I was informed and began creating the 19 shipping labels. 

Once I submitted the weight and size information for the labels, I was asked to pick a delivery date and the most I was allowed to pick was September 5th. My plane to Los Angeles was on September 7th so there wouldn't be anyone to receive the delivery if they had attempted to deliver on September 5th. I called the Customer Service once more and with much struggle mentioned below, I got my answer from the last person on the phone, MyChoice.

MyChoice is an "APP" (so they say) that allows you to manage your delivery dates, alerts, and delivery details. It can be accessed from a smartphone or via browsers on your devices. With my detailed research from endless phone conversations with UPS, I learned that your packages have to be picked up first in order for you to view them on your MyChoice. 

Once my packages were picked up, I gave a day for the system to refresh so that I could go on to MyChoice and change the delivery date. After several failed attempts across different platforms, I called the Customer Service again! I kept on receiving an error that said I could not change the delivery date and that I should contact UPS for further information. I spoke to 3-4 people across different departments and I was told that I had to activate my MyChoice with an authorization code. When I asked them for the authorization code, expecting that it would be sent to me via email, they said the most outrageous thing possible. At a highly digital age we live in, UPS sends one thing in hard copy mail format, your authorization code! On top of that, they sent it to my delivery address that I haven't even moved into yet. 

So when I ask why they can't send a code by the email I submitted and that all other delivery and retail places contact digitally, the answer I get is "because we are UPS". Well, because you are UPS I should not be working with you!

By some miracle, someone corrected her coworker and said I wouldn't need an authorization code to change the delivery date and that from their end they can't manually change the date for me. HELPLESS! 

After a few days, a miracle happened and all of a sudden I was able to change the delivery dates. I paid $5 per box ($95 in total) to set the new delivery date to be September 8th since my flight would get to LA on September 7th. I have received 19 confirmation emails on top of an extra 19 confirmation emails followed by the next day stating that the boxes will be delivered on September 8th. That failed miserably!

b) Lack of internal communication: As I reached out and spent endless hours with the Customer Service of UPS I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat myself with my logistics story and how I needed to get the delivery date changed. I spoke with more than 6 individuals across 3-4 different departments and spent countless hours on the phone damaging my brain with their lack of intellect and skills.

UPS does not have efficient understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Regular businesses, in order to have a strong relationship with their customers, use CRM software to deliver information within their firm and make sure they are on the same page with their customer. I was never assigned a case number to begin with and even if I were not told that case number, the details were never put in the case itself probably, and even if they were put, the person who should have read them did not. So I ended up having to repeat myself to each person multiple times because they just DO NOT get it!

c) Lack of external communication: MyChoice allows you to receive alerts via email and/or text and you need to set it up with your contact information in order to enroll in this service. After I have enrolled in this, however, I was not contacted in a detailed or frequent way for me to be well informed about the mistakes and delays in my shipments. I and my fiance ended up waiting at our apartment for 4 consecutive hours because we were told that the delivery time period would be on September 8th between 4:15pm and 7:00pm. No text alerts whatsoever were sent until I called the customer service and she said "ohhhh i think only one of your boxes is in the truck, the other 18 is not going to be delivered." 

When I asked why, I only got the answer "I don't know!" well that makes the two of us then lady! Coming back to my original point, however, if I hadn't called god knows who would have informed me about this lack of efficiency.

d) No management on board: Every time I called customer service to get answers, the floor level staff would only give me the answers that they are given but couldn't elaborate. I had to ask for the management and I always got the answer, after holding on the phone for 20 minutes, that there is no management on the floor. It takes you 20 minutes to get to say "sorry there is no manager"? BS!

e) No ownership of mistake: From day 1 of us choosing UPS there has been countless mistakes done by UPS and there is no responsible ownership from UPS for their mistakes and making up for it. When our delivery was not made today, the customer service says "oh the driver is running out of time so we can't make your delivery." why am I the one to pay the burden for that? If the driver is running out of time, you pay extra for his time and make up for your mistake. I should not be the one to pay for your lack of efficiency.

When I called them to speak about the miserable MyChoice, they just couldn't help me in any way and kept on trying to guide me to the same page as if I was not capable of guiding myself to the links I needed to go on. When I told them about the errors, they never took ownership and handled the situation. Shoving it under the rug is definitely not professional because you leave your customer alone with the problem you have created!

3) Maintain a financially strong company-with broad employee ownership-that provides a long-term competitive return to our share owners. - FAIL!

If every customer acted like I did, the companies would be more careful in their operations and be customer centric as opposed to money centric. I will be pursuing my request for a full refund from UPS after our boxes are properly delivered because I did not receive the service I was expecting to receive in exchange for my payment.

You can only be financially strong if you actually EARN it the promised way and not screw people over with your mistakes and unprofessional excuses.


Where do you draw the line? - Ethical Business Conduct.

I am a photographer who uses Instagram heavily on networking with other people in the community and exchanging ideas together. This never stops me from supporting Instagram on the feasible ideas that I perceive as for the good of the community compared to me critiquing their unfit ideas that I seem to find unethical. 

Let me start by saying this "Instagram is a SHARK!" - meaning that they want %100 and will not let anyone have a piece of the pie. We have all seen the Vine kingdom fall because Instagram was able to create the video function and also add more value to it by increasing the time limit for videos. All it took them, other than the enhancements, was to get the Vinefamous people on board for Instagram. (as if they are switching sports teams). BOOM there you have it, NO MORE VINE.

Graph from Tech Crunch from June 20, 2013:

Graph from Tech Crunch from June 20, 2013:

What you can view from the table above is that Instagram just offered a better or enhance service to users who wanted to switch and started that strategy with the famous Viners to influence other users on the competing platform. "Was this ethical?" you may ask to yourself. I don't believe so but because there is considerable enhancement to the features it may be shoved under the rug I guess.

Play forward a few years later and now we have Snapchat vs Instagram. Facebook offered $3 billion cash acquisition to Snapchat which, accorindg to Wall Street Journal, Snapchat ended up refusing it. The Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel indicated that he is not interested in short-term gains since it took so much to build such a company. 

Take a look at Snapchat CEO Reveals Why He Rejected Facebook's $3 Billion Offer:

So because the offer was rejected, Facebook had to develop every resource they could have acquired from Snapchat in house now. Is that a big deal? Is it costlier? It definitely took them some time to build and develop as opposed to just acquiring Snapchat but today we are look at a Facebook/Instagram that is a full on shark to major competitors. "Is it ethical?" and/or "Is it legal?" may be the questions running through your head because Samsung and Apple, two tech giants in the mobile device industry, clashed legally to solve their disputes in the past.

Samsung vs Apple:

So what is stopping Snapchat from suing Instagram or parent company Facebook for "copying" their idea? To begin with, as Fast Company indicates, copyright law does not protect ideas. Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, even gave full credit to Snapchat for Instagram's Stories feature! WTF?!?! Again, comes the enhancement part, Instagram may have taken the idea from Snapchat but further developed it to their userbase. Legally there is no obstacle from doing this but is it ethical? 

Fast Company:

Let's say to you it is ethical because you don't even care as long as you can get to still share your hipster cafe shots. You are one of 600 million or so to express your opinion. I socially believe that companies should further innovate rather than "get inspired" from each other because that is not true competition. That is just playing dirty. 

I am not a Snapchat user at all so Instagram's features benefit me but I still do not approve of the work Instagram is doing because I see no real progress.

2017 Seems to Begin Pretty Good!!!

From a national radio appearance to an interview in Turkey and many more brand partnerships on the way, 2017 seems to begin pretty strong for my social media! (feeling blessed!)

For those who have missed my 10 minute talk on 103.3 AMP Radio's TJ Show please check out the following link to listen.

Yesterday, I was on the TJ show talking about @portraitmeet and how it was established as well as the most recent event we are going to hold soon. With a little bit of hard time given and some informative conversation, I left the station with another excitement to know that I made the day count thanks to my buddy TJ, his cohost Lauren, and Producer Matt!

Today, I have received the news from Tugce Durak from Renerald in Turkey regarding my interview on "Influencer Marketing in 11 Questions" being published on their website. For those who can read Turkish and possibly get it translated here is the link for that:

Knock on wood and watch me from those evil eyes because I am starting this year stronger and joyful! Let's rock ;)

Back in Facebook...AGAIN!

Here I am once more with a Facebook Page/Profile! Although I am still not allowed to obtain my extension URL for my FB Page I am still trying to function with it. Most of my friends happen to see great use from Facebook and claim that their ads feature is worthwhile. As I would like to expand my operations via Instagram, I sort of believe that Facebook might indeed be useful for my goals but I guess time will tell.

I Just Hate Photo Theft!

READ THIS AND STOP PHOTO THEFT!!! Remember when I was talking about this one "prick" that can ruin the whole Instagram experience for you? Well this morning I woke up to notifications about this ignorant user (@kapilgarrix) who stole 18 photos of mine to the caption and not even bothered to give me the single most deserved credit!

Kapil and many other people like him, my message is to you all low life individuals! I do not go around the world, spend money out of my budget, and shoot all of these photos I dearly love and cherish so that you can steal them and act like you have taken them. If you want to steal my photos come and do that in person and let's see how it goes!

To the wonderful community of Instagram, please be on the look out for each other's photos and always notify one another. Instagram has a wonderful Copyright Infrigement Report that you can use and the only thing they are really responsive of is this system. (Thank God) 
I might be making this a huge deal but today who thinks stealing a photo is okay and has no consequences might try to steal larger in the future, like your identity or any other possession you have! So let's all put an end to people like @kapilgarrix and start reporting!!! NO MORE PHOTO THEFT

Instagram's Copyright Infringement Form:


The Beauty of Traveling for Work!

Wow it has been a while since I typed my words on this thing. I'd like to start this blog post by apologizing for lacking my time on here. I am not really a numbers driven person so I don't care how many people read this since I am only focused on reflecting on my own thoughts and my own life here. Just like a diary!

I have been around quite sometime both for work and for photography. From New York Fashion Week to a nice 2 week trip around Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis for work. On this post, as can be understood from the title, that is what I will write about; my work trip. 

For those who do not know about what I do for a living, I work in Graduate Admissions at Bentley University as a Senior Assistant Director. I am primarily in charge of our 2-year Full Time Emerging Leaders MBA Program which is also the program I have earned my degree from in 2013. Nowadays, I am focusing on various domestic trips to recruit students for the institution and actually find people that can be fit for this program. From the 4 cities I've had the chance of visiting it was my first time ever to see Seattle, Chicago, and Minneapolis whereas I have countless visits to the good old San Fran.

Seattle to me was a lot more like a good mix of Boston and San Francisco in which all three major cities have major coffee lords' headquarters there: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Peets. On top of that, Seattle also has their own Duck Tour aaaaand their own Beacon Hill. I once walked into a bar and they kept on saying "Cheers!" as if they are Cheers! (nobody knew my name there) Overall, Seattle has a really nice, relaxed, and friendly vibe that I think I would never get tired of. On my first day, I an my coworker decided to pay a visit to the Space Needle and while we were waiting in the line to purchase our tickets (worth $22 per person) this one elderly lady approached us and asked us if we were looking for tickets. She gave us her CityPass booklet that had one ticket to Space Needle each and told us that she and her husband used the first one already and didn't need the second tickets. Such a nice help from a total stranger!!!! She has definitely made my Seattle experience better.

So from Seattle we moved to our next destination, San Francisco, the land of the bread bowl chowder and Peets Coffee LOL. Despite the steep hills and expensive aura of the city, San Francisco has a desirable vibe to spend a life there. Luckily, I was able to experience the hot days of the good old San Francisco upon this visit compared to the freezing cold and windy times over the course of an average summer. I was fortunate enough to pay a visit to one of my missed destinations from my previous visit, the Coit Tower. Didn't even have to wait to long in a line for the tower, I witnessed a gorgeous view of SF.

After the beautiful San Francisco, I fell into the arms of the Windy City, Chicago, which at the time of my visit was not even windy. One thing I learned from my trip to Chicago is actually about the Cloud Gate (aka the Bean). Before I was in Chicago I always thought that this amazing piece of art was legitimately called "The Bean" and always questioned why Boston was called "The Beantown" because Chicago has "The Bean". My whole life changed when I woke up at 5:00AM in the morning to walk over to what happens to be actually called "The Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor. It was only nicknamed "The Bean" because it looks like a bean...duh! In any case, I am really glad to have woken up at 5:00AM to avoid the influx of crazy tourist groups.  FYI: Boston is called "The Beantown" because back in colonial days, a favorite Boston food was baked beans!