Portraits by @canahtam ;)

If you have recently visited my profile at least once, you probably ran into plenty of portraits shots I have made with some people. 

I have always been a fan of portraits with their heavy emotional content and uniqueness compared to a photo of a street. YES! you heard me, I believe portraits are more valuable than street shots because portraits are more challenging to capture, especially if they are candid. Not only the facial expressions are unique to that moment but also the surrounding of the subject completes that emotion and expression as a whole for that one moment that you can capture and probably not duplicate that easily on your next try. That moment, that emotion, is now yours! Although people shoot it from different angles and create different compositions, however, I have seen plenty of shots of Big Ben, Broadway Street, and Eiffel Tower...etc

So coming to my topic of interest, portraits! It is extremely fun to shoot with people modeling for you not only because you get to shoot amazing photos of them but also getting learn about photography from the models as well. They probably have more experience than you if they shot with different photographers so they can definitely give you some hints and tips. Furthermore, if you have multiple models for one shoot they can get to network with one another. Friendly models are definitely a plus because I just can't take egoistic selfish models lol

Please enjoy some of the photos I have shot with the friendly and beautiful faces on the streets.