The FUTURE! - How did it turn out for you?

Yes the long waited day has finally arrived! We are on October 21, 2015. Like many of you, I grew up watching the amazing Back to the Future trilogy with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod; and imagined how the future would be shaped like. (mostly hoped that robots would not dominate our planet like in the Terminator and that everyone would be having hoverboards instead lol)

Although we have something barely close to a hoverboard (and no I am not talking about that two wheeled gizmo) we still have made quite a development towards today, the future! From Google Glass to 3-D Movies, our world is surrounded by movie inspired products and services.

Last night, I did the trilogy marathon at home and had goosebumps every single moment of October 21, 2015 represented in the movie, Back to the Future II. Sure, we don't have flying cars and even if there was a possibility we all know how even the recreational drones are being managed right now. (extremely difficult to make it a wide commercial thing)

Who could have thought that this movie is also a long term investment by brands for their extreme marketing strategies? Milk it all the way in one day guys!

Today Nike might announce the power-laces of Air Mag and I sure hope that they won't make this a limited item because I WANT ONE PAIR!!! (yes Nike, keep this guy in mind please)

Pepsi already came up with their iconic movie bottle in limited edition for NY Comic-Con (I want to get one for sure but how?!?!?!) and Toyota is coming out with something pretty soon as well.

I don't know why I have been so slow in acting but I went out yesterday to 3 different Newbury Comics stores to get myself a Marty McFly hat from BTTF2 but they were all sold out!!! HOW??? I used to see it around the stores so many times and now they are all gone!

Another goosebump that I got this morning was when I opened YouTube and saw Doc. Brown talking about today (the future) and to all those haters out there trying to ruin the significance of this day, I am sure Doc Brown gave you the right answer that you were not hoping to hear. 

"Great Scott! if my calculations are correct it is now precisely October 21st, 2015. the future has finally arrived. Yes! it is different than we have all thought. but don't worry it just  means your future has not been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. so make it a good one." - Doctor Emmett L. Brown

Thank you to all those who made this come true and having us celebrate this once an ordinary day. I guess you guys have changed the space time continuum ;)