Those Never Ending Flights! How to manage them.

I never thought that I would end up with "Flight Anxiety" until I moved to the USA and had to fly long distance to most parts of the world either for business or pleasure. 

Let me first explain what I have anxiety about because most people believe that I am scared of a plane crash (which applies to all the flights I go on to even if it is an hour long flight)

Just compare yourself during your average daily routine when you are able to go out of your office space or home and enjoy the outside, get a fresh beverage, go online...etc. When you are onboard there are still some airlines who don't even provide private "In-Flight Entertainment" to their passengers so forget about Wi-Fi even although we are in 2015 and are expecting flying cars and hoverboards. So in such a limited environment, how am I supposed to enjoy myself? Alcohol you say? Up to some point yea but then dehydration begins and that bad headache. Maybe I am just finding excuses I don't know but the most anxiety comes from me flying alone. I am very easy going when I have a friend or family flying with me and experiencing the same never ending hours on the same flight. When I get up to take a stroll around, pay a visit to the restroom, and look at myself in the mirror; I can almost feel my beard growing on my face through those restless red eyes. You might be feeling pretty alright about your behavior in flights but not everyone is the same.

So today, before my flight, I am writing these words to reflect and describe how to get by these emotions. From my girlfriend to my parents and friends, many have talked to me to calm me down and made some progress but the best conversation I've had about this sensitive topic was with the UBER Driver, Brian, who drove me over to the airport just now. He basically said, "Listen man, this is going to be one of the rarest moments in your life when you should just sit back and enjoy the ride without thinking about anything." Then it hit me, I could turn off my brain and actually do try to enjoy the good parts of it to fullest rather than being stuck with the negative aspects.

I am also prepared with all the supporting medication and products I can use to feel better (ZZZQuil, Chapstick, Lotion, Chamomile Tea,..) Just get an aisle seat and pray that the person sitting next to you is not annoying. This issue has been giving me sleepless nights and now I kind of feel better about this because let's face it. This long ass ride is waiting for me one way or another and it will not go faster if I don't enjoy it.

See you in 10 hours Istanbul!!! :D