The First Digital Camera in My Life!

Do you remember the first time you have used a digital camera? YES, a digital camera! Normally people would ask you the first time you have used A camera, but let's just talk about your first digital camera for a second.

The first digital camera in my life was the SONY Mavica FD-83 that my dad brought home. I was 10 years old back then (Year 1999). It was such an unbelievable idea to me as a kid that something on film could be "somewhere" that was digital. I just couldn't comprehend how I was able to view all of the shots from the small screen behind the camera and then put them all in a floppy disk that I had to insert in the camera as a memory card!!! Mind blown LOL


It was at that moment that I have come to realize that opportunities have become even more endless than they were before because this time, my mom wasn't going to get mad at me for wasting film all the time. This camera has been in different family travels and was present in cherishable family moments.

So how was the SONY MAvica FD-83? In today's standards nothing to compete with of course but back then it was revolutionary. In fact, it still could be a fit device for an average Instagrammer because this camera can shoot 5,10,15 second video clips with sound as well as capturing images up to 1216x912.

The storage, however, as I said before only worked with 1.44MB floppy diskettes. Nowadays, a RAW image file would multiply this amount by 20 or more!!!

Today, this camera stands proud and still in mint condition in my dad's vintage corner of different old devices (computers, tablets, punch cards...etc)

Think back and remember those days to understand how your life could have been like without such advances in your life.