Where it all began, Istanbul!

May 17, 1989; I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, where it became my mother tongue, my nature, my country. Everything I was exposed to growing up in Turkey became the norm for me, the usual. What followed next, however, gave me perspective and helped me comprehend my surrounding, a larger world, much better.

"Is it Constantinople or Istanbul?" I get asked every time I tell people that I am from Istanbul. Never gets old! Sometimes I even encounter jokes such as "Turkish Coffee? or do you mean Greek/Armenian/Serbian... etc Coffee?" 

Even with such small gestures and questions you can see how active modern day Turkey's history has been throughout ages. It has been such an impact that we can't even share a coffee or a delight with other cultures these days. At its roots, however, it is all the same mostly with The Ottoman Empire. Marks of this once glorious and large empire can be seen around mainly in today's Republic of Turkey. From palaces to mosques and even cobble stones we walk on today. Once you step in to this city you live and breath history, the ultimate treasure to all we have today.

Thanks to my work, I am lucky enough to visit my home city every year. In the meantime, I also try to engage in different family/friend visits and photography around the local areas. With Instagram's rising popularity, amount of Turkish users have been increasing too. I try to connect with most of them per visit. So please enjoy the photos I have taken in Istanbul during my most recent trip.