My Trip to Kyiv, Ukraine

Fortunate enough to travel to some countries where Turkish Citizens are exempt from visas, I took my next convenient trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. With the recent stressful situation the country is facing with Russia, I had my concerns for sure. Is it safe? How do they perceive Turkish people? Most importantly, however, the biggest question I had was "How is the culture there?"

Probably one of the most affordable countries I have been to, started with a long taxi ride from the local airport to the hotel it only took 12 Euros for us to pay to the driver. You can actually get a fine dining experience for a party of 3 a total of 15 or 20 Euros. I checked into my hotel and left my junk in the room to take a look at the stunning view the room had of Kyiv. (it didn't have a stunning view lol so I decided to rush out immediately.) 

As I was strolling around the cities historical districts, I have noticed plenty of camp sites around government buildings as well as photos of the recent battle put up around the streets. The Russia-Ukraine conflict certainly reflects itself in the main street away from the battle itself. Besides from the recent effects of the major incidents around the country, you can certainly see architecture and culture based out of the Soviet Union era. Ukraine gained independence in 1991 and left Kyiv as the capital city. Tody Kyiv is still the largest and the richest city in Ukraine. 

While you are there make sure to get a taste of the lovely food and beverages of Ukraine. One of my favorite local beers was Lvivske from Lviv. It has a very soft taste and it is very refreshing. The best food I have ever tasted in Kyiv is the Chicken Kyiv. It is a popular dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and wrapped around with butter, garlic, and herbs inside it. The chicken is then covered with eggs and breadcrumbs and either fried or baked to cook.

I would highly recommend to pay a visit to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Note: PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. The age limit in Ukraine for alcohol consumption is 18+