Selfishness and Ignorance - Lack of Empathy!

I have been mainly posting about Instagram related events and my travels on this blog but life is not only limited to pleasant information. As a photographer, my life has always been about observing and understanding my surrounding. Being alert and trying to capture the best moments in life is the goal. The best moments, however, does not always happen. This next photo I will share on this blog has nothing to do with photography since I suck at iPhone Photography. It has more to do with ignorance and selfishness (lack of empathy) in people and what it can bring you at the very least on your daily routine. Perhaps this will make some of you think twice before engaging in an action.

Yesterday, I went by a local CVS and parked my car as usual to a busy and cramped up parking space area. The parking lot is really a big fail in how to design a feasible and easy to get around type of lot and many times you encounter a traffic within or even cars bumping into each other. There isn't a lot of room to play with. So I manage to find a spot and then this vehicle on the photo comes into her parking spot and parks right in the middle of two vehicle spaces!?!?! WTF!!! The driver and the passenger get off and don't even care to realign their car. Instead they look at me (being so shocked from what I saw) and laugh at me and keep on walking to the store they would like to go to. Honestly, I am sick and tired of such ignorant and selfish people in this world. Even the simplest thing I see I get upset and angry. Such a poor parking job and a poor behavior on their part that I wanted to share this with you on here to remind us that we have to deal with stupid people like this.

This world needs to know more about empathy because we lack it highly!