Did your parents never tell you not to bad mouth people???

I have talked and written about this on multiple occasions and some might even be sick from hearing me state my thoughts on this issue over and over again. 

My love for the genius idea of Instagram will never perish, hence it will grow stronger and stronger with every wise decision they take to expand their horizon. 

I just can't bare the sight of extremely ambitious yet very childish and ignorant Instagramers out there. I have witnessed bad mouthing of people about their photos, likes, followers, looks... etc. Did your parents never tell you not to bad mouth people??? You certainly wouldn't enjoy it if somebody bad mouthed you. (I hope I am right because if you do enjoy it then you better get yourself checked)

So what if the Instagramer takes "ugly" or "unsatisfactory" photos or so what the Instagramer "bought" their followers or likes? I can see it hurting you through the extent of competition for "business" but nothing more than that. Besides with the diluted environment on Instagram shouldn't you be focusing on something else already rather than being stuck with brand and product promotions? I feel like that is so outdated right now because of the extreme supply of influencers and the sponsored ad feature of Instagram. Don't be stuck with bad mouthing people because even that Instagramer surpassed you with "FAKE" following while you were stuck on bad mouthing. If you truly want to show the "quality" of your Instagram then keep shooting photos and network! The more you bad mouth the worst it is for you anyway because people know that you bad mouth. Why damage yourself twice? Now if you don't agree what I believe in go for it comment below but I seriously believe that this Instagram issue has taken a big toll on people's lives. There is even a close Facebook group for "Major Instagram Influencers" to discuss about things happening in relation to Instagram. Are we saving the world by bad mouthing people??? Everytime I visit that group I am disgusted by all the negativity and bragging I see from people because they lost their focus on the one common goal "COMMUNITY!" 

Then of course there is the humiliating part when Instagramers live in the same city and you have to see these immature kids running around with their cameras and online they just bad mouth you. Or models get all spoiled and snobby by the time they get signed with an agency or reach to a "K" number. Just hilarious and sad. If you have the guts say it to my face please and cut the crap.

So what you got the blue check mark from Instagram?!? You worked your butt off for that probably but I will not recognize you when you pass me on the street. It is highly unlikely for an Instagram photographer to be "InstaFamous" like a celebrity. Your photos come before you hence your photos are more known than you are probably (face wise)

So get your heads out of your bottoms, keep shooting photos, and enjoy what we have that is about to get ruined because of all this blind sighted negativity. I hope I made sense to most of you.