My First Helicopter Ride!

Upon my recent visit to NYC I have decided to be a daredevil and take a helicopter ride to witness the wonderful view of the city first hand. 

To be honest, although I am not afraid of flying, I did have my doubts about helicopters at first. They don't have wings!!! How are they supposed to glide down in the worse case scenario?

I took a cab (not UBER or Lyft) from my hotel and asked the driver to take me to the airport where the helicopter company is located at. The driver figured out that I will be taking a helicopter tour and tried to persuade me of not doing it.

Driver - Are you taking a helicopter tour?

Me - Yes sir!

Driver - Why? I would never pay money to risk my own life!

Me - Ummmm well it is a different experience and I don't think it is that risky.

Driver (laughs in a sarcastic way) - You don't know! 4 years ago, an Italian family got on a helicopter for the tour. The helicopter took off and crashed into an airplane during their tour. Everyone died!!!

So now, when a cab driver is this persistent in persuading you not to take a tour and is giving you examples that you really can't tell if it is true or not with such a dilemma stuck in your head, what are you supposed to do?!?!?

I took a short stroll along the East River Park, met a very friendly old Chinese lady who shared her loaf of bread to feed the seagulls with me, and tried to make sense out of everything. Then I said "Screw it! I am doing it!"

You know what! I am glad I decided to take the tour not only because it was a safe experience for me but also I had the chance to see NYC from a different perspective! I can't speak for a helicopter company without even knowing what lies ahead in the future but my trip was safe and joyful.