My Gratitude - #BushwickMeet

I always try to be as transparent and fair as possible in my everything I manage. Truthfully, I got quite bored of Boston's vibe and decided to expand my horizon a bit with NYC for Instagram's #WWIM11 the moment I heard that Instagrammers are meeting at the Museum of Fine Arts (again) for the WWIM. (fyi I love MFA but when a new exhibit is shown)

I informed my good friends in NYC that I will be having a weekend long visit and arranged some get together with the hope that I would also attend a well attended instameet. The problem with NYC, however, is that there are a lot of instameets to go to since every "BIG" instagrammer tries to have their "own" instameet rather than just agreeing on one "BIG" instameet. To this day, I still don't understand why some people have such egos that blind them to compete with others without even knowing who they are in the first place. (JUST BE HAPPY! IT IS NOT DIFFICULT!) 

Luckily, my NYC friends, @emptyreyes and @acupofkeen, share the same opinion with me and said let's just have people who are as ambitious and friendly as we are since there is no way of changing what is out there. Let's host our own instameet! So we joined the bandwagon of other instameets... As a non-NYC person you get quite a shock since you have barely a knowledge of the city's whereabouts and you hardly know anyone in NYC.

With organized and connected planning, we have managed to get our friends at Mashable, Instagram, Facebook and BuzzFeed on board to join us!!! Thanks to Mashable, we also had our instameet live-streamed for 2 hours to more than 600 people on Meerkat and had 100+ attendees to our #BushwickMeet!!!

What more could I possibly ask for??? Along with our #BushwickMeet I also had the pleasure of attending the #WWIM11NYC on the day before and met a lot of great individuals who share the same vision as I do. Despite the competitive individuals who are just number oriented I had the greatest weekend of my life in NYC!!! I can't wait to get together with these amazing people again on my next visit :)))