Spring? Is that you?


After a long snowy season it is finally an outstanding pleasure to feel the heat of the sun! Honestly, I forgot how beautiful Boston looked like underneath this huge pile of snow. Although snow comes with its own beauty it brings a lot of trouble with itself too. 

For starters, parking is a bitch in the city, especially with all the permits and spaces being "reserved" by people. Owning a car that is not really capable of going on snow is another problem so you just have to park your car in a garage and be willing to pay all that money to it or just leave it to its faith on the street and wait for a plower to chop off your side mirror or shave off your exterior. Your choice people!!! 

With spring you get all those risks almost to zero and enjoy beautiful days with single layered outfits rather than sweaters on top of sweaters. I really forgot how to live spring/summer due to this snow. I am extremely excited to see what is ahead of us this year and it is hyping me up!!!

Got any plans for the rest of the year? Share them with me by commenting. Perhaps we can arrange some instameets together around :)