Fake INSTAGRAMMERS? Yea they are around...

Ever since high school I would see people talk behind each other's backs and fake their emotions/feelings/behavior to one another when they are together. Of course, during high school we didn't have fancy social media ruling our lives. We had to either hide our emotions or face them! (more challenging to some people)

With the dawn of social media, some people started feeling more comfortable with the way they interact with individuals. This is open to debate and every experience speaks for itself but let's face it we all met that one person who is just a d*ck to people and have an ego bigger than himself/herself.

You look at the photos of these people and some are really nice! Kudos!!! When you meet them during an Instameet or encounter them around they are not as nice as the photos they portray. I am not stuck up on why because I know they are just made that way until they are broke or failed. No need to do a psychological analysis of such lost souls. It is just too sad to see all these amazing photos they take getting ruined in their poor behavior choices because your creativity did mean something to me before i met you. 

Before the social media era, people knew you for who you are with your words and actions combined. During the reign of social media, people are exposed to your words/visuals first and have no idea of who you really are. Would you be willing to risk all that? Would you share photos and talk wisely on some interface and ruin them with your poor choices in interacting with people offline or would you rather earn every person you can by heart? Think about it...

I know plenty of Instagrammers who have pretty high amount of followers now and back in the day they would send their naked photos to my friends and beg for collabs from them!!! (who they are is a secret that will stay with me)

I have seen sooooo many people being ignorant, rude, and mean to me just because i am a foreigner or because of a stupid competitive perception they have. Shame on those who act like those high schoolers and not as real "social" media users.

Be a responsible social media user!!!