What Are You Doing Instagram? (UPDATED v3.0!)

I hate to be a negative person but sometimes things that I witness out there just make me want to burst some thoughts out. Instagram recently came out with their "All-New Search and Explore" feature....GREAT! Services Industry is pretty difficult to evaluate since it is not tangible and henceforth can't be quantifiable making it also extremely challenging to have a one size fits all approach.

I remember constantly asking around how I can get to see more new creatives around and how I can expand my own profile through various ways on Instagram (e.g. geotag and hashtag mainly) then this update shows up. 

With such excitement and hope I updated my Instagram and checked the new feature out. 

Clicked on "Discover New People" just to find the "usual" accounts such as Nike, Christiano Ronaldo, and Dan Bilzerian... REALLY?!?!?! What happened to all the "New People" that you would like me to "Discover". Not to be harsh on Instagram of course since this update just came out and there is always room for improvement and changes but let's face it, the change comes from the customer. Brands should learn to be customer driven and serve to the direct needs of the customer (Customer being the end user not the other corporations - you have sponsored ads for that purpose)

Then comes the part of "Geotag Search - Popular Locations) I sort of expected it to be more general than strictly local... I can't even attach the Boston, Massachusetts geotag on my Boston photos anymore while I am trying to post them in Boston!!! I have reported this error multiple times and I hate the constant monologue I am having with Instagram. A brand, again for the purpose of a customer driven operation, should have a dialogue with the customers and give transparent feedback. Look at Amazon, VSCO, Apple... they are all on constant feedback. As part of a Social Media medium, it is your job to fulfill that communication gap and not stand alone as a monologue.

I wish Instagram good luck in their new update and hope for some logical improvements that are guided more towards the welfare of their customers rather than only brands trying to make profits! NO CUSTOMERS = NO PROFITS!!! REMEMBER ;)

UPDATE v2.0!!! I have been pursuing this issue still with the Geotag Bug/Error Reporting and trying to obtain feedback from Instagram but there is still no answer. I kept my Suggested User DM from Instagram for 50+ weeks and sent them a message on there explaining what is going on and they deleted the whole message. Ignorance is uncool Instagram!!!

UPDATE v3.0!!! About an hour ago I have received a new DM/email from Instagram saying that I have been selected as one of the Suggested Users. Thank you very much Instagram for keeping up the passion for the community and I deeply would like express my interest in getting involved to make this community more effective and strong knitted together. Hoping to have the geotag issue resolved at your earliest convenience.