Why Are You on Instagram?

Unlike many other social media channels, Instagram has revolutionized the way we look at the world, through a square format. From the high end photographer to a photo enthusiast, many people all around the world started getting involved in some degree on this tiny-big platform and share their view of the world.

Some people have even made their own name as brands for apparel, photography, and modeling industries on this trendy app and became what is called "Instafamous" with respect to their own branches. While mainstream photographers like to believe that Instagram demeans photography, most people tend to agree that Instagram photography gives a journalistic extent to a person's everyday life and actually gives access to instant/free news on the go alongside with occasional product placements as personal ads.

This brings up the question "Why are you on Instagram?" 

We can look at this from multiple perspectives since Instagram is being used for various and diverse purposes these days and more ways to be added on for sure in the near future.

As an "old-timer" user did you ever think that you would start using Instagram because you want to get "Instafamous" or affiliate yourself with global brands? Or were you just doing this for fun and be inspired by others? (Let's face it, it is challenging to do it all and travel around the world to witness all the stunning shots that are being shared on Instagram) 

As a "newbie" did you start using Instagram because you are curious to enter the world of photography? OR did you just have a mission in your mind? (e.g. increase followers, work with brands,...etc)

At its core, shouldn't we all love photography and do it passionately? Perhaps for some of you, you can't even think of the life before Instagram when you didn't have those followers or brands... (Honestly, it is pretty awesome but are they crucial?) If you treat Instagram as a channel for a job, portfolio, or within your competitive business advantage then all those certainly mean something to you and others. Should that effect your attitude towards others??? Do you really think about your own brand image while presenting such attributes in the form of verbal and physical action? They should mean something too. Keep in mind, once you get into the business via Instagram, everything you do is in the business too due to Instagram being a social media app. So if you are trying to look cool and desirable while you actually look like a huge douche at an Instameet then people seeing your photos will not be amazed by your profile any more :) Does that make sense?

Now let's come to our passionate photographer friends... Whether you have earned the degree of fine arts/photography or not it should not matter because you might be even sharing that passion more than a mainstream photographer. I, for example, can't leave the house without my camera because you'll never know what you might witness outside. How has Instagram influenced your life and your vision? I have seen plenty of Instagrammers who claim to be passionate about photography but decide to shoot photos with only people who have as much followers as they do or higher. How does that relate to your true passion exactly? On the other hand, there are definitely those who ignore the follower count and only focus on sharing that one particular moment together in photography. In summary, my question is, do you show up at an instameet to gain followers or enjoy the time and network with people? 

It might seem like I am complaining and yes I am complaining because this is not how Instagram started in the first place. I do not see communities coming together again unless those users want to show up to gain more followers or compete with each other. I guess the sad fact is, not everybody has to click with each other, but they can at least remember that they enjoy photography (I hope)