InstaFail!!! - Importance of A Communication STRATEGY

It has been almost more than 6 weeks now that Instagram has still sent me no response over my multiple attempts to report the Geotag Error and my inquiry for transparent status check. So sad that my expectation from such global brand's equity has not been fulfilled due to ineffective business conduct and that a very expensive brand's image for me is getting less and less worthy.

Don't get me wrong! I LOVE INSTAGRAM!!! I couldn't have met all the amazing individuals around the world and probably wouldn't have been inspired by any one of them if it weren't for Instagram from the beginning. 

I have been reading some user experience based articles online about how ineffective Instagram is with their communication sequence/method (if they have any) and how the cases have resulted for those users. Aside from the assumed ignorance by Instagram, there has been cases where people lost their accounts after pushing for their error to be resolved which could be a more solid assumption for ignorance on the corporation's side. Then again, we can live without Instagram too as we did before. This does not mean that I will quit :)

A week ago I just couldn't take it anymore and announced my stressful attempt with reporting an error to Instagram and trying to pull a status feedback from Instagram on my feed. Some "smart" instagrammers wanted to become defenders of Instagram (understandable because that's the only thing you can be proud of ) and attempted to make me the bad person in this case. As I have stated multiple times on my blog, I don't even know any of these snobs and I am sure they don't know me and they just act with childish and sometimes unprofessional ways to prove themselves. I don't care! Whether you come from a development background or not you should know it first hand that customer care comes first. It can take you minutes to hours to solve one problem but you need to inform the customer either way because one answer is better than no answer. 

I know there are people working over there and probably bloated with different sorts of messages everyday. I know I am not special but if other global companies such as Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Google can effectively and timely response (whether through a person or an automatized format) then Instagram surely can do it, especially after being acquired by Facebook. It is no surprise to me that the defenders couldn't think about this because they already fail to empathize on their feed. It is essential that a customer is informed in crucial steps of different processes for a more effective business flow. Especially when brands are aiming to get more personal through the use of social media and us putting our content from our personal life the expectation from the customers are a lot more demanding for a response time from the brands across social media platforms.

It is written all over the place that the majority of the Twitter based users expect to receive a response from the brands under an hour. It is quite demanding out there considering the amount of messages you can receive and how you can handle that under an hour. You'd be surprised to know how brands manage that under what time period. 

Brands that are referred as "The Gunslingers" on Twitter have achieved a response time almost under an hour! Pepsi leads the group with 19 minutes response time followed by Mastercard with 34 minutes and Home Depot with 1 hour and 2 minutes.

BufferSocial classifies the "No Response" brands as "The Smugs" and they are brands such as Starbucks, Walmart, Apple and Visa. (

Some brands such as Apple can still solve your problems through their stores in person but a service of this sort that is intangible by nature does not require any in-person store response or any phone call response and is bound to use internet as their main communication method. How effective can you be on there? 




Would you want a nagging customer behind you while you are trying to do your work??? If you do, then you might have some unusual interests.

So in summary, please don't hate me for pointing out an area of improvement to you. Of course it is more important to be proactive then being reactive even after 6 weeks but all I want is this problem to be resolved (1st) and then an active communication sequence to be put in place for crucial business process elements. If there is no hire being made for a process management team I strongly urge you to do so too.