Respect the Artist!

I don't want to jinx myself but I think I am not the kind of photographer who gets his photos being shared by others all the time without my consent. Honestly, I would be okay if I can be at least given credit for my photo by a person who shares my shot even without a consent. Just respect the artist, come on!!!

This morning I had the third photo share with no contest from a 15 year old Instagrammer, @markesselring, who posted a photo I have taken of my beloved university, Bentley University in Waltham, MA. (For those who don't know I am an alum from the Graduate School there and also a current employee.)

The @bentleygrad Instagram account shared the following shot of mine 3 weeks ago and creditted it to me as the photographer since I took the shot and am the rightful owner. A week ago, I guess he liked the shot a lot, Mark shares my photo with no credit being given to me. @bentleyu account likes the photo and comments that they love the photo to Mark and Mark thanks them (as if owning the photo) Luckily, by geotagging the shot, I encountered this little incident and comment on my photo he shared saying how happy I was to see him like my photo and like so much that he decided to share it on his profile but he shouldn't forget to give me the credit. After a while, nothing happened, so I took the issue to Instagram (copyright infringement) and reported his action.


With the evidence I have on both Instagram itself and having the original full size shot myself, I have managed to get that photo taken down from his profile. 

Some of you are probably wondering, why deal with all this stress and trouble with someone who is not even 18+ yet??? I believe that respect should be thought and executed in all aspects of life whether it'd be ideas or creations of others there should be recognition, acknowledgement, and reference to the rightful parties. I am not pointing fingers and accusing of someone for a larger misdemeanor but we all know what has been going on with the Richard Prince incident... We all need to learn how to empathize, should not be afraid to ask for permission, and if the answer is "No" leave it at "No" and respect.

Lastly, I love my university and being a part of such a diverse and welcoming community here certainly inspires me to accomplish more in my life. As a Falcon, I was thought how important ethical behavior is both in business and in personal life and whether I am an employee or an alumni, I live up with the ethical behavior in whatever I do. Giving credit to the rightful owner is the ethical/right thing to do.

Thank you very much to Instagram and to all my friends for reporting this Copyright Infringement and having Instagram take down the photo.