Another Copyright Issue & Dangerous Fans!!!

How far will you go to either obtain the rightful credit you should be given or get your photo removed from someone else's profile? What if the person who shared your profile and has not given you the credit is a celebrity's son? How are you going to deal with a massive angry crowd of fans?

Recently, as can be seen in the screenshots below, an Instagrammer friend of mine (@cannerozkan) has had a nervewracking experience with his photo being shared by @brooklynbeckham, the son of former British soccer player David Beckham.

Although being thrilled about having his photo shared by a public figure who has a follower base of 3.8 million, @cannerozkan realized that he wasn't given the credit he rightfully deserved. (a mention on his caption) He kindly requested to be credited for on the photo but even after 18 hours no attempt was made on Brooklyn's part. The 18 hours spent, however, was brutal enough for one to read!!! The comments section was filled with angry fans smashing @cannerozkan and his ethical belief on the ground and almost creating a rude discussion forum between supporters of Caner and supporters of Brooklyn. 

Just because Brooklyn Beckham is the son of a famous icon should not mean that he should be able to post everything he wants without credit. I am not accusing anybody of anything because Brooklyn must have liked the photo and shared it. I am only upset that fans are defensive, rude, and ignorant to what is going on. I don't expect everyone to understand what an average Instagram enthusiast is going through but even outside Instagram such cases occur every single day. Whether you copy your essay assignment from SparksNotes or share a photo on your feed that someone else actually owns - all of them are the same thing! There needs to be a point where each and every one of us has to learn to respect creators and give them the credit they deserve. It hurts more not to give credit than to give credit.

After Caner submitted his copyright infringement report, the photo was removed either by Brooklyn or Instagram which we don't know yet. Nobody should spend endless hours to have one photo taken down because of such a simple yet so important task. 

I am disappointed in most of the comments I have read today and ashamed of all those ignorant users out there. I hope they will come to their senses and can comprehend.