Yesterday several of us met up with about 7 models on the gorgeous locations of Boston and rocked some amazing photos!!!

I always value the importance of collaboration and learning from one another at Instameets. To be honest, although we can learn more about different techniques and styles it is not that interesting for me to shoot the same streets over and over again. With people modeling for you, it is almost impossible to get the same shot with someone else. The constant change in poses, settings, and props help us, photographers, to utilize the moment in a more unique way and actually bring our own individual styles out.

I encourage all of you to value portraits on Instagram and give it a try yourself. Who knows, maybe it will be your strength in photography. After all, an emotion is much more difficult to capture than a street. 

Hope you enjoy viewing my shots!

Models: Tabbytha Janeen Ferguson, Emma Theresa, Sarah Mitchell, Megan Victoria, Murielle Pauyo (MoMo), Micael Lindo Cabral, Efe Yilmazer