What is your motive? Why not take the 1 second of a time to give credit?

Yesterday night, I have received a text from a good creative friend of mine, Claire (@itsclaireroche), kindly asking me for help to earn her rightful credit to a photo she took that two internationally renowned models have shared on their personal profiles.

The moment I viewed the profiles I was shocked because this was no Brooklyn Beckham (a kid) who might have no idea what even credit might mean or how the culture of Instagram even functions let alone that should be the whole world's culture for artists to be recognized and rewarded for their creations with at least a credit. NO! These were models who have plenty of followers and do photo shoots professionally  and you would expect them to know this by nature.

Seeing all the support Claire has been receiving I was reliefed that an act of recognition is spreading. Then it got me thinking, what could be someone's motive in not giving credit to someone. Just take a few seconds of your time to include the name of the photographer! How difficult could this be for you if you even took the time to take a screenshot of the photo Claire took? 

Do you not want to share your follower base with Claire and give your followers the opportunity to explore around Instagram that you think is at awesome quality? You liked Claire's photo so you shared it so why not have your followers also like her?

Let's say there is no selfish reason behind it. Then what could be your motive? Just pure laziness or ignorance? Could be... but I think it is too much of an easy excuse to throw. 

At the end of the day, my message to those who don't recognize artists for their creativity and hard work: No matter how many followers you might have or how famous you might be or not I don't care!!! Be a decent and fair human being first. As I always say, EMPATHIZE!!!

UPDATE #1: @doutzen apologizes and gives credit to Claire :)

UPDATE #2: @joansmalls removes Claire's photo and posts a "middle-finger" shot with a dramatic caption "Sometimes it's just too early to deal! Why do people feel you owe them? People get so bent out of shape over small things. People should learn how to develop a rapport. #JustSaying"

Now there is a distress between Claire, Joan, and Joan's fans over this issue. Unbelievable!!! You are a public figure and look what has become of this situation over your stubborn actions. Is it really that worth it to it this further?

UPDATE #3: @doutzen removes Claire's photo from her profile too.

UPDATE #4: @doutzen joins in the comments section of @joansmalls' last post with:

@doutzen: "they asked me nice but your colleague was threatening my friend with taking legal action how low is that!!!! This is why I took the picture down as well! Now what"

and @joansmalls with adding comments after that:

  • joansmalls@marissacarole stop the spam. I do not appreciate threats, bulling or demands. That is not a way to approach a credit.
  • joansmalls@lucywhitehousee listen this could have been avoided easily. Don't take my picture at a party without my consent.

So now that there is a claim that Claire didn't ask for consent from Joan, does Joan's argument support her action of why she didn't give the credit to Claire? What do you think?