Instameets! Why am I hosting them? :)

"#CommunityFirst" Instagram says and they started this path with the acknowledgement that people are at the core of ultimate creativity and community. Instameets are for all who are interested in shooting visual art or posing for visual art with any tool that is used for and to match the face to the creative art seen on the app. While doing so, however, the community should be improved while having fun and networking not only online but also offline.

You can shoot photos with your phone or with any other camera, you are always welcomed to join. I have been receiving many questions about Instameets. Questions that are related to price, restrictions, and signing up. I don't know which Instameet asks for you to pay to begin with but I believe in the convenience and availability of an Instameet rather than limiting it with a monetary value. If there is an Instameet with a price tag on it then I wouldn't get involved with that by principle.

I have also received plenty of questions from various Instagramers about whether they can join although they shoot photos with their phones. YES!!! We want you! I don't care how you capture photos as long as you are sharing the same interest with everyone else, PHOTOGRAPHY! So come along and expand your horizon.

Lastly, signing up, I am not a fan of putting pressure on somebody by gathering data on their attendance. Nobody should commit to an event and then feel bad about it because they couldn't show up. You should know that there will be another Instameet next time in case you couldn't make it and you are always welcomed! :)

Although some people should always be reminded that community is indeed first, unfortunately I don't see it possible for that particular group of individuals. I despise those who see themselves above others. All the followers and likes you receive are from the people who are inspired by you and who love your work so why act reckless and immature knowing that you will see these people on the street on day to day basis?!?

There has been some really shameful and unfortunate incidents that I have witnessed and have actually also heard from different users about these immature Instagramers. It makes it even worse for those ignorant peeps because they are viewed as "Instafamous/Popular" but that doesn't give you the luxury to act like a mess. Blocking somebody you haven't even met in person or talking behind each other's back is really low and you actually run into these people on the street. No matter how much reputation you are trying to create for your brand, the real actions speak for themselves. I also despise the whole trend with "I'm going to have my own Instameet!" during Instagram's #WWIM because creating microcommunities due to your insanely competitive spirit does not really fulfill the overall goal of the whole mission out there. That is just you being selfish for that time.

I have met a lot of great people who don't necessarily have tons of followings like these "Instafamous" people do and I love meeting new people. Please don't ignore the real value a person might have within. Those little numbers you say you "work your ass off" for won't mean a thing if you are acting like a douche or a bitch. If Instagram goes bankrupt or becomes unpopular tomorrow what will you do??? I'll give you my answer, I will still be shooting photos (did it way before Instagram too) and I will be doing this with the amazing people I have met via Instagram.

We see the photos shared on Instagram by different people everyday. We don't know them offline necessarily so Instameets actually give us the opportunity to know these creative individuals on a next level. They might be sharing photos and liking them but their careers, their families, and cultures are enriching and that creates the ultimate diversity and reminds us how lucky we are to actually embrace this and learn more every Instameet.

The feedback I have received for our Instameets have been outstanding with more and more new faces showing up at every single meet. For a year almost I have been focusing on #BostonPortraitMeet and giving models or models to be people to obtain creative content free of charge as well as allow every photographer to practice their skills on people willing to pose for them. This mutual benefit not only fosters friendship but also pushes the limits of unique work because not everyone sees a model in front of them the same way.

So if you have free time and you'd like to walk around the city with us shooting photos together, you are more than welcomed to shoot me an email, DM, or comment :)

Thank you to all those who have shared their time with us on the streets. Always a pleasure to be shooting with you!