Florida Heat!!! (Key West, Islamorada, Miami Beach)

Although came back from a short trip, I have managed to fit in some of wonders of Florida until the new year!

Started my trip on the Christmas Eve, anxious to leave to cold Boston weather behind and hopefully get in my khaki shorts and tshirts with silly designs on them lol

First stop was Key West! An amazing island hosting the Southernmost point of the USA as well as the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, and some of the POTUS at the Little Whitehouse. On your daily routine, it is normal for you to encounter chicken and roosters on the streets just like you running into stray cats in Istanbul. 

Going to downtown through Duval Street is a must! Especially during such holidays, it is common for you to see wild party animals on that street making their night probably the best ever to date! Packed with various restaurants, shops, galleries, and bars Duval Street will fill your day.

I kind of heard you say "What about the beaches?" well Key West actually has some wonderful coasts as well as a commute to an island about several hours away. I couldn't do the Dry Tortuga still but I believe that is the best place to take a swim and enjoy the sunshine. If you are aiming for a little bit of adventure you can actually join some tours around that can take you to different reef areas for some snorkeling. Fort Zachary is another great location for the beach as well as seeing a cool fort architecture that overlooks at the beach.

Second stop was Islamorada! I love this island due to the fact that it is not actually a party island. Sometimes you just need some silence and relaxation in your life and Islamorada is the place. During this time of the year, it might get windy there so keep in mind. On my first visit to Islamorada (2 years ago) I have stayed at Cheeca Lodge which was a phenomenal hotel with its facilities and resources for their guest your day would never be empty. This year I have decided to stay there again and emailed the gorgeous hotel but I never heard back from them which was quite unfortunate. So instead, I stayed at the competition, La Siesta! They were renovating while I stayed there and I have no doubt that the hotel will top Cheeca Lodge!!!

My Third and final stop was Miami Beach!!! YES! MIAMI BEACH! With grand shores and tall buildings surrounding Miami Beach is the ultimate place to end your trip in and celebrate the new year at. Ocean Drive is a must if you are into crowded touristic restaurants trying to grab a hold of you. Between you and I, never ever eat at touristic places because the service might not be good (knowing that they will hardly see you again) and the food might suck. You will just end up paying more money for just the location and the crowd. Not worth it for multiple times but at least do it once.

Miami Beach is the host of Art Deco architecture and the house of Gianni Versace who was killed in Miami Beach around late 90s. Now his house is being used as an upper class restaurant. 

Below I have uploaded some photos from the trip that I have and will be sharing on my Instagram too. Hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog.