I Just Hate Photo Theft!

READ THIS AND STOP PHOTO THEFT!!! Remember when I was talking about this one "prick" that can ruin the whole Instagram experience for you? Well this morning I woke up to notifications about this ignorant user (@kapilgarrix) who stole 18 photos of mine to the caption and not even bothered to give me the single most deserved credit!

Kapil and many other people like him, my message is to you all low life individuals! I do not go around the world, spend money out of my budget, and shoot all of these photos I dearly love and cherish so that you can steal them and act like you have taken them. If you want to steal my photos come and do that in person and let's see how it goes!

To the wonderful community of Instagram, please be on the look out for each other's photos and always notify one another. Instagram has a wonderful Copyright Infrigement Report that you can use and the only thing they are really responsive of is this system. (Thank God) 
I might be making this a huge deal but today who thinks stealing a photo is okay and has no consequences might try to steal larger in the future, like your identity or any other possession you have! So let's all put an end to people like @kapilgarrix and start reporting!!! NO MORE PHOTO THEFT

Instagram's Copyright Infringement Form: https://help.instagram.com/contact/539946876093520