Last Day Adventure in NYC! - Horrible?

So, after all the cold and tiring days in NYC during the #NYFW, I have finally decided to head back to Boston victorious and proud. On Tuesday, I woke up to a beautiful early morning with my girlfriend, ready to take our packed luggage and belongings and head towards the bus station. One unpleasant experience, however, was the intense smell of cigarettes in our room at the Sheraton Tribeca, which is a "No Smoking" Hotel. Waking up to such an awful smell obviously made me upset so I called the reception to let them know that such an incident was happening and it is not our fault since we do not smoke. They sent the security in no time and he walked around trying to figure our which room is actually smoking (as if somebody would pop up and say "HEEEY! I AM SMOKING! LOOK AT ME!!!" 

After this incident, we decided go down to the lobby to check out and the hotel has 3 elevators that have been problematic to begin with from day one. Some floor buttons are not functioning, extremely slow elevator process, and always packed! Our last day was not an exception for this elevator to bail on us. We have waited about 15-20 minutes for one elevator to stop and take us in with our heavy belongings to the lobby and of all the 3 only 1 one of them kept on stopping and it was always full. Seeing this, I was outraged so decided to take on all the heavy items myself and take them down the nearest staircase from 8th floor. A logical human would think that all stairs lead to all floors. Well this wasn't the case for Sheraton Tribeca because the staircase I took had no exit to the lobby and went one floor below the lobby, to a creepy kitchen/storage area. So what did I do? Took the heavy bags to the 2nd floor and took the other staircase that is on the other side of the building because that one lead to the lobby.

After successfully completing this task and arriving at the lobby what do I see? The two elevators that never stopped are actually out of order!!! Why wasn't Sheraton proactive in announcing this unfortunate situation to us from the beginning? Was it to difficult to post letter size notes on each elevator door or calling the people checking out and offering them assistance? So sad!

So I go up to the receptionist and he gives me the usual spiel that every hotel affiliate would: How was your stay sir? So I basically said "Let's do the check out first then i'll give you my feedback." so just like I said I have informed him as well and I guess I wasn't the only one so thank god for that!

Then we hop on our UBER and what do we see?! TRAFFIC! Only an hour left to our bus and we are stuck in traffic. We got to the Port Authority Bus Terminal 15 minutes before our departure and as we are standing all the way at the back we are informed that there will be a delay of 30 minutes because our bus driver is not here yet. Peter Pan and Greyhound made us wait at the gate with our heavy bags and no place to sit for 30 minutes until the driver came in. Could you not have us board within that lost 30 minutes so that we could at least take our seats and have the opportunity to put our bags in the trunk? So that 30 minute delay became 45-50 minute delay since people took their seats after the driver arrived.

The moment we hit the road the awful rain starting pouring on the roads and on us so the driver started driving slowly for safety reasons which I applaud for. The arrival to Boston, however, was an hour late. I don't even want to talk about our delay to home due to the rush hour traffic in Boston because people do not even know how to drive in Boston.

The lesson to be taken from this, at the time, still didn't hit me because I was upset, tired, and angry over what I have experienced in one day. (first world problems right) but then my sister sent me a write up about the survivors of the 9/11 attack and their reasons of why the were late to be at the World Trade Center. Being late saved their life. Some were stuck in traffic, some were stopping over for a band-aid, some were taking their kids to school...etc. So then it hit me, maybe I wasn't meant to be there at the time. I was meant to be at the correct place at the correct time.

That is the divine learning but as always for those in business conduct please do things right. Treat your customers with respect and empathy, drive safe, and be considerate.   

That was one day from my life. How was yours?