Here is to another #BostonPortraitMeet! - Thank You :)

I have started Instagram with the hopes of sharing my view of the world and my view of others around me. The best way to do this was through portraits. At the time, however, portraits were never the appealing thing on Instagram, as far as you could tell from the lack of likes and comments. Like and follower oriented people would constantly tell me not to share portraits because they were not favored. Now look at us! Portraits are exponentially growing on Instagram and is now the go to theme of almost every brand out there. People have come to realize the true value of portraits compared to an average street shot.

We've had several Instagrammers from Greece message me to tell how inspired they are with the concept and that they'd like to organize an #AthensPortraitMeet! I just love how global this thing can actually get and how this could actually help people embrace their differences and accept them as value to their lives. Whether it be gender, race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation among many other diverse backgrounds; shooting portraits do help us to get to know each other more. You share that one on one or one on ten moment and connect with individuals. Sharing the same interest is the only reason you start out with and towards the very end of this meet you realize how many connections you have made and how many similarities and interesting differences you have encountered on that day.

One of the most beautiful experiences almost at every #BostonPortraitMeet are the surprises we encounter. Whether it'd be a concert or some jolly group of half naked people, third party individuals take part in our Instameet. (Note: I say our Instameet because although I might be the person behind the #BostonPortraitMeet, an Instameet wouldn't make sense alone)

So thank you to all the creative and friendly faces out there for sharing their time and effort with us. My only wish is that you enjoy this experience as much as I do.

For those who haven't joined one yet, please try and join us. The more the merrier!