Empathize and Take it Seriously!

During my daily routine I happen to encounter plenty of ignorant and unfortunate human beings, out of my sheer luck perhaps. Whether it be a mad driver on the road or an inconsiderate Instagrammer on social media, you have low life peeps everywhere and don't really have to look hard to find them.

I have seen many unforgivable ugly actions being portrayed on Instagram. From body shaming someone to showing jealousy and other forms of hatred; social media is definitely a guaranteed place to experience such unfortunate scenes. The moment you encounter that one prick (or multiple pricks) you tend to ask yourself why these people are wasting oxygen and what their purpose in life actually are. After all seeing hatred being portrayed on you so comfortably from miles away is pretty annoying and sad. You also ask why these people are acting this way on social media and whether they would say or do the same thing in person to you. (scary) Most of the times, you see these people just smiling at your face (FAKE) and act like nothing is going on.

Let's come to the main topic of the day. Why do people do these? Don't they know that their actions might hurt people's feelings and actually alter their life style? I guess they have lack of empathy because if this was done to them I don't think they would enjoy it. I see empathy as the next level in human evolution because it helps us better assess others and act accordingly. This shows a sense of community as well as respect in terms of maturity in mind. I don't want to act like teachers or parents to these individuals but somebody should have held you all from your hands and thought you about empathy. (unresolved childhood issues?)

Here is a very interesting experience I've had with a very good friend of mine on Instagram. Few months ago I shared a photo of a very gorgeous model who is on the skinny side of a physical look. This one gentleman, after viewing my photo, body shamed the model and told me how disgusting I am by sharing this photo and that he will unfollow. Now, of course me after seeing this, I go insane and outraged. So I basically replied saying that it is so rude and inconsiderate of him to say this and that he should truly unfollow me. Some of my friends jumped on the topic too to support myself and the model against this low life and then I looked at the person's profile. His sexual preference was towards the same sex! Deep inside I really wanted to ask that person why he was discriminating someone over their looks and how he would have felt if someone did that to him in the form of sexual orientation. I guess he forgot how some people are still against the same sex marriage although legally it is allowed now (thank god!) He has experienced probably an exponentially higher form of hate for his choices in life and now he is being rude to someone else??? WTF? You obviously forgot the empathize.

My message to all those reckless souls out there: watch yourself and strive for a greater level in life because what you are doing is not right. Get your head straight!