Not Again! - Why?

Alright, I have been just tired of parenting around and trying to teach people how to behave. You just do not steal people's photos! 

I have been writing a lot about ethics and ownership on my blog including some "famous" names and their ignorant behavior but when will this truly come to an end because my fingers started hurting from all the stressful typing.

Again, it is all about lack of empathy. Just try to imagine a photographer, spending countless amount of money on his gear with such enthusiasm and hopes to actually show their perspective of the world, their own interpretation of the environment they are exposed to. Traveling to places, walking around, spending time on to just capture this one shot that could carry out more than a hundred messages. What do you do with this shot? You share it on Instagram! Why? To influence and inspire individuals (and obviously put your name out there) It is the photographer's photo because it is their own view of the world from the very eyes that have seen the moment first hand.

So after you share this photo with great hopes what happens? Some prick or multiple pricks come up and just take their time to take a print screen of your photo, crop it, and then share it on their profile (like as if they took it) and not give you credit for it. WHY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You take all that time to share my photo and you won't give credit?!?! Are you freaking serious now?!?! 

Please look at some individuals' profiles to see what has happened step by step:

I believe most of you would agree that I do not share my photos for heartless ignorant people to share them as their own! I bet you wouldn't either. People act all mighty in their online realm but I would like to see them try face to face to be honest because it should take some serious guts to throw such a stunt in an offline world. Online just makes it more legitimate because I have more evidence. I always kindly ask people to credit me when they share my work on their profile. I do not mind people sharing my work as long as I am given the highly deserved credit for my photo.

"So how do you find these photos Can?" you will ask. Well, the answer is very simple. These people who steal my shots do it to increase their likes and followers as well so what do they do? They put the same hashtags and geotags I do so without any laziness I just scroll through the major and classic hashtags to see if someone has shared it without giving me credit. When I find it, I ask them to give me credit (for the most part people don't do it and delete my comments and block me) then I report them to Instagram's Copyright Infringement Report website. (Link:

I would highly recommend you to communicate to the person sharing your photos first as nice, mature, and professional people would care to do. If that doesn't work out then bring an "official" party in to make the "right" and "fair" decision.

These sorts of low life people discourage me to share my photos with those who deserve to see it. This is another battle that I shouldn't be fighting for because either your teachers or your parents are not doing their jobs rights. Grow up please!

P.S. I would especially watch out for @beautifull_pics_in_the_world because he has plenty of photographs she/he has taken from other people. Check to see if yours is stolen on there too!

UPDATE #1: @inevitableme does it again?!?! WTF LADY. How dare you!?! Shame on you!!!

You don't have any right to take my photo like this! Are you high?!