Hello @PortraitMeet

For a while I have been thinking of creating a second account that could possibly serve to the community rather than my own "Squares from my life." purpose.  So one day, as I was sitting in my office, I started to deeply think about whether it would be a good call for me to open a new account for the purpose of expanding the community in portraits.

Ever since day 1, I have been sharing candid or aware portraits on Instagram and for some reason they would never catch that much attention from the social media realm. Maybe people were not really interested in seeing faces or not interested in knowing more people in that medium and to this date I still can't find a reason why to this mystery. Despite what I was constantly told and slammed the hard fact that I would lose likes and followers because of sharing portraits, I have been persistent enough not to give up on it because I am primarily doing this for myself and to be happy. It is called "Squares from my life." I can't manipulate my life in a way to please others. If someone doesn't like it so be it. What do I care. 

All I know now, however, is that portraits are in an increasing trend for many individuals and brands out there. The true lifestyle and aspiration lives within other people showing their persona and outlook on Instagram. This opens plenty of doors for people starting with a new age for modeling. People who have been discovered via social media are now extremely well known models because of their massive follower count and quality shoots they have. I have been receiving so many emails from corporate clients or individuals who are interested in booking shoots with me. (FYI I do not do LinkedIn or Wedding shots: for that you either need to go to a CVS or AAA / or find yourself another photographer LOL) 

Portraits help people to click quicker than before. You get to know the person and literally observe them standing in front of you. Instameets are a lot more fun when the focus is based on portraits and not some average street shot. For a street shot, 50 people almost end up with the same shot whereas a portrait challenges you to come up with a different perspective and put your own creative spirit into it. Could be taking the photo of the same person but the presentation is different in many variations. Seeing this as the main advantage, I started organizing #BostonPortraitMeet. At first, not embraced that easily by many in the local community but when the outcome was apparent on Instagram more and more people joined in. 

The childish competitive folks on Instagram all of a sudden had to switch to portraits themselves and worked with many models that I firstly shot with. (of course I am blocked by the competitive folks but I know LOL) Every time I would meet up with my model friends they would complain how those folks are lame and rude so even shooting portraits has a manner and professionalism built in it. 

You get to learn all these at the Instameet by networking and experimenting. Plenty of people who wanted to be models are now signed with agencies with our content and we still hang out and shoot photos together due to the strong community bond we have created over multiple #PortraitMeets.

Now this #PortraitMeet concept has grown to other states and countries starting with #AthensPortraitMeet and #SFPortraitMeet

I encourage everyone to try shooting portraits and join a #PortraitMeet if not host one with @PortraitMeet account :)