The #CambridgePortraitMeet Crew - 03/12/2016

The #CambridgePortraitMeet Crew - 03/12/2016

With @portraitmeet we have organized our Nth #PortraitMeet (yea kind of lost track of the amount now lol) This time we took our meet to the beautiful city of Cambridge. As our initial point we chose the Wall alley at Central Square and continued from there to the MIT/Kendall area. More people showed up as we moved along and outside people showed interest in what we were doing.

What was so special about this meet, other than being special to begin with, was that it was partnered with @igerssf with #SFPortraitMeet in San Francisco, California. Although the community there experienced not so pleasant weather for the day, they managed to meet up still and enjoy each other's company. Thanks to my friend Steve aka @s.nisotel, we have managed to initiate this partnership and expand to the West Coast!!! 

We had some interesting coincidences too at the meet such as both meets having a dog (check the respective portraitmeet hashtags) at our #CambridgePortraitMeet Sasha definitely won the crowd over with the cute and friendly gestures she has shown.

There were some awesome surprises that I gave out during the meet such as a pair of sunglasses from Classic Specs and a classic backpack from Herschel Supply Co. If there are brands interested in our meets and would like to do giveaways they are more than welcomed to contact us!

We are very open to expanding to greater distances via other creative and community oriented Instagrammers out there so if you want to host your own #PortraitMeet definitely contact us via portraitmeet@gmail.com

I'd like to thank everyone who has joined us at the #CambridgePortraitMeet and hope that you have enjoyed the day as much as I do. Hope to see you again at the next meet :)