Breather? Barely!

As you probably might have seen through my profile or every other Boston Instagrammers' profile, winters are horrible in the city. The #PortraitMeet attemps we have made are always challenging in terms of attendance and energy due to the sharp cold weather. What have we decided to do then? Possibly locate indoor space to do our shoots. There has been several doubts I've had over whether this would be called a #PortraitMeet because I do not prefer to have a limit over attendance. My instameets are open to everybody who is friendly and interested in photography/film making/modeling. I don't care if you shoot with your phone or with a top notch camera as long as you share the similar interest with the group, portraits!

So I looked into some indoor options and the first that came into my mind was AirBnB. The only disadvantage with AirBnBs in Boston, however, is that most houses are old and the modern, large, and well lit houses are extremely costly. In order to get a decent size with a decent cost I have decided to approach a small company called Breather which rents out space for hourly rates around several cities of the USA. As they had some scattered around Boston as well, I have decided to invite 17 people (mix of photographers/models/and film makers) to join me in a 4 hour session and share the cost. One Instagrammer from the group pointed out that I should reach out to Breather and ask for a free rental for the 4 hour time rather than us paying for it. Imagine, just 17 Instagrammers mentioning Breather in their profile. How awesome would that be for a company that is relatively new in the field and new to the Instagram world? So I received that advise and reached out to the General Manager of the Boston branch of Breather. As I told him about our plans, I have seen the slightest interest in his emails with a bit of snob built in to it. I was informed that they were shying away from giving away space for free and that they would still charge us and perhaps add refreshments to the room. Actually at that moment, I should have just said "you know what, keep it. Good bye!" but I didn't and instead decided on paying the full amount and not even promoting their services to us. After all, why should we promote you if you are treating us this rudely?!? 

When the day comes for us to go in and shoot the photos at the venue, I received another email from the GM of Breather this time asking us to extend the hour a bit because they got into a bet with one of their coworkers and if we extend it they will give us cupcakes. WTF dude?!?! Are you serious?! Are you high?! I am telling you all here to never get a Breather space because the treatment I have seen from them is just pure unprofessional manner. Shame on you! Your loss!