@danielwellington - The Social Watch

With 2 million followers on Instagram, Daniel Wellington has definitely made its name to our daily life. I think I can confidently say that it almost became a must for every "influencer" Instagrammers out there to either have a Daniel Wellington or see photos of this beautiful brand on their feed via other Instagrammers. How did Daniel Wellington became who they are today and outdid a prestigious global brand such as Omega in the Social Media field? 

I always say that classics never die and am a huge supporter of simple thinking. No need to over-complicate things in life while there are so much more complicated deals going around us everyday.  What strikes most people the first time with Daniel Wellington is their minimalist and elegant design. I don't need fancy watches such as Apple Watch to tell me what time it is when I can clearly get the same direct service out of a Daniel Wellington and my iPhone (duh) You have to keep it simple and classic at least through some perspective and why not do this in a stylish social way with Daniel Wellington rather than a Star Trek way of living. (also Apple Watch is nothing but a modern day beeper)

I've ready the article on Bloomberg.com by Stephen Pulvirent about how Daniel Wellington made a $200 Million business out of cheap "Chinese made" watches, relying almost entirely on social media. (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-14/how-daniel-wellington-made-a-200-million-business-out-of-cheap-watches)

A Swedish watch brand producing in China. Does it really matter where it was produced from? I basically see this as an attempt to damage the brand attribute but let's face it, what is not produced in China these days? Every now and then, I see a few grocery store items that are "Made in the USA" and possibly some outfits from H&M or GAP that say "Made in Turkey" Those who try to demean the brand, however, most likely are forgetting that Apple's iPhones especially say "Designed by Apple in California - Assembled in China" (shocked?)

The goal is to spread the word out in the least costly and the quickest way possible. How do you do that? Via SOCIAL MEDIA!!! HELLOOO!! Just email hundreds of leading Instagrammers out there and say "Hey! You want a free watch with a discount code? Just share a few photos of our watch!" There you have it, taking initiative and partnering with "influencers" pays off. Now some of you will say "I don't work for free product/service. I pay for my equipment, can't eat a Daniel Wellington or pay my rent or college loans with it" You know what, I agree with those peeps out there but it has almost come to such a stage in life that it is almost like a game achievement to own a Daniel Wellington for free. Almost jumping up multiple levels and saying "I've made it!" I believe in  3 levels on Instagram:

1) Becoming a Suggested User by Instagram

2) Getting a Daniel Wellington watch for free

3) Being featured on accounts/magazines/blogs...etc

Daniel Wellington doesn't need Instagram's direct support with an S.U. since many other influencers are featuring them already with their product. They have already made their name in various accounts/magazines/blogs...etc so there you have it all they have to do to get to such different levels is to give free watches to people which by Bloomberg's article does not cost much. As Borat would say "GREAT SUCCESS!" :D

If you can hold on to a quality product and create a living story for a brand, a lifestyle, then I say go for it! Daniel Wellington's exceptional Social Media campaign helped this giant brand to come to where it is right now. I love the simple face design as well as the comfortable straps. Does it tell the time? YES! So what else should I look for that sets Daniel Wellington apart from others. Does it fit my simple and classic style? YES! Do I need an Armani or some other brand that I can't pronounce to show how "unique" and "classy" I am like those male fashion blogs or Instagram? NO! (frankly you should see behind-the-scenes of each shot those folks have lol)

I applaud Daniel Wellington for all the creative work they have put and for them to lead the way to other watch brands who are emailing tons of Instagrammers for product placements now. I also would like to thank them for providing me with my 2nd-3rd DW watch. Everyone should have a Daniel Wellington if they choose to live the simple and elegant life.