The Best #BostonPortraitMeet Yet! Thank You!

Yesterday, we had another #BostonPortraitMeet, this time held atArnold Arboretum with over 70 attendees. The passion and interest in portrait photography is growing everyday and I sincerely hope that it facilitates people getting to know each other more while capturing each moment.

I have been to Arnold Arboretum about 4 times and couldn't finish the area in any of my visits! I always hear about this awesome peak called Peters Hill from which you can spot a gorgeous cityscape of Boston glancing at your from the distance with trees guiding the way towards it. Managed by Harvard University, the Arnold Arboretum is a house for about 15,000 plants that characterize about 4,000 kinds of woody plants, which consist of trees, shrubs, and vines. ( 

FYI: There is barely a cafe or restroom facility at the arboretum so make sure to take care of your needs by the entrance and then enjoy the park LOL!

The Arboretum is located at 125 Arborway in Boston, surrounded by Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, Hyde Park.. etc so it is both a very central location as well as a distant location for most to commute. Despite the street parking, it is really not an easy location to commute to compared to a Beacon Hill or Boston Common. The Orange Line also gets there via Forest Hill so if you are a subway commuter you can definitely use that option too.

Please enjoy the photos I have taken at the latest #BostonPortraitMeet at Arnold Arboretum below and thank you very much to those who have shared their lovely Sunday with us! I truly hope that you have enjoyed this experience as much as I did.