My Weekend Trip to NYC

April 22-24, 2016 - The weekend I have been waiting for to meet up with good old New Yorker Instagram community! Instagram has announced the #WWIM13 for the global community to meet up that weekend and celebrate the Earth Day together. 

Weeks before the weekend; my good friend, Martin Tadashi, has asked Keen and I to see if we can host an instameet together again, just like the #BushwickMeet we have done back in the day for another worldwide instameet. Without any hesitation, I said "YES!" and got my ticket to NYC. 

The day came by and our new instameet, #LESMeet, took place at Projective at Freemans. Crashing at Martin's place in New Jersey, we woke up at 5AM to hit the road and find a parking spot in the city that would be both convenient and affordable for us. We have hosted a delicious breakfast composed of giant donuts and coffee for a total of 45 people. As we filled the venue and enjoyed our tasty bites, we had the chance to also network and enjoy the first instameet morning together. Followed by our lovely breakfast, we have put together the group to have a productive discussion going on regarding today's instagram community, photography, and growth opportunities along with some tiny gossips LOL

After the nice indoor activities, we have decided to take our path towards the Williamsburg Bridge and a bit of Brooklyn while shooting photos on the way. Met plenty of amazing individuals and shot great photos around that day. Next stop was another Instameet at Greenpoint hosted by Eduardo. We joined a small group of amazing people and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. We have finalized our day at Eduardo's house with tasty homemade pasta and made it back home around 1:00AM. WHAT A DAY!

The next day, we got to the city early as usually and met up with some friends to shoot with around the city. We have finalized our tour in Central Park to join the @pursuitofportraits #WWIM13POP. With more than 150 creative faces coming together it was an insanely crowded and happy group of people.

At the end, NYC was a WIN for sure and I always appreciate the friendly community there. Until next time Big Apple!