Hello Ursula! - Boston Snow in April

It is April yet we still get snow in Boston! What realm is this? Ever since I moved to Boston, I have been exposed to harsh winters that required some shoveling and stockpiling. Frankly, it was the first time I had to experience such snow storms in my entire life. Nemo, at the time, has definitely made its name in my life as well as others' in Boston. Do we not get snow in Istanbul? We sure do but probably not as much as we get it here in Boston. I have never opened my door in Istanbul to find an imprint of a door on a large pile of snow. 

What is so striking about such snow storms is that people do not really care. I stock piled so much and tried to do so much to survive yet to most people it is just a usual thing to take care of. The only attractive activity I could find during such storms, other than building an igloo, is taking photos around the city and witness the white scenes first hand. For the most part, the city tends to be deserted with rare footprints on the ground covered in mere seconds. Occasionally you would run into someone struggling with their umbrella or walking on the road in that slippery floor or the slushy snow. 

With all the colors and tones Boston has to offer with the beautiful and historic architecture, snow is definitely a perfect match for the city until it all starts melting and getting filthy. 

Storms get interesting names; from Nemo to Mars somehow someone finds the inspiration to name them. Some are good fits whereas some are just jokes. In a way, if you are lucky enough, you can even see a trend of the Greek squad switch over to a more Disney theme later on. I think this is where Ursula meets and becomes a perfect fit name for a snowstorm. The evil freezing claws of Ursula definitely stopped the gorgeous blossoms we were about to have.

How did you spend your day with Ursula?