Facing Death! - Tired of Ignorant Drivers!

I am writing these fresh words out of my shocked heart and brain which have just experienced almost an incident that could have ended with almost a tragedy. As I was walking back to my car from the dinner I and my girlfriend had with my family in Harvard Square I have encountered one of the most careless and ignorant drivers in Massachusetts (literally a MassHole) We were crossing the street from the crosswalk located on the entrance of Ash Street via Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge and right when we were in the middle of the crosswalk this blue car stops by Mt. Auburn, flashes its blinker, and after waiting for a second or two starts to accelerate on to us! Then, thank God, she realizes that we are on the crosswalk she immediately hit her break and made a sudden stop to see our shocked faces in her headlights. I have always had the utmost hatred and disgust in such reckless drivers in this state so I just yelled "DO YOU NOT SEE US? COME ON!!!" and the driver's reaction was just pure ignorance. My only wish is to have filmed her stupid driving so that I could report her to the authorities with her license plate.

I truly believe that such reckless and ignorant drivers should be banned from the roads and their licenses should be taken away for good. They are literally operating to endanger! The mixed feeling I have had over this few seconds of an experience are not only priceless but also indescribable by words. I hope she feel really bad about that experience and can't sleep today because I do not show the simplest mercy to such people who do not care about our lives. If that car would have hit us we could have maybe had a simple injury or even something as complex as paralysis or internal injuries that could lead to death! 

I had so much more to say to her face if she had stopped even more at least to apologize but she didn't even bother to apologize. So in summary "FUCK YOU BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER!"