When in San Francisco...

I can confidently say that I have conquered the uphill roads of San Francisco! Rather than constantly waiting for the cable car line, I have preferred to put my legs to a good use. Within the ever changing weather of San Francisco you might want to be prepared with a thin outwear like NorthFace or Patagonia. Trust me, it is not a pleasant trip if you are busy with feeling cold.

My last visit to San Francisco was 6 years ago before the present one. In 6 years not much has changed that I would notice but I bet the locals would have plenty to count. My hotel was located by Union Square and I was easily able to commute between destinations from there. Couldn't really figure out the barely existing subway system of SF which is called BART. 

I have wanted to visit the Painted Ladies of San Francisco a lot and, happily, it happened this year. There was only one exception to this visit, the renovation of the park! I tried to capture the best out of the Painted Ladies but have limited photos of the venue there due to the renovation of the park.

I am hoping to pay another visit to San Francisco later this year with the hopes for finishing up what I couldn't do during this visit. (Alcatraz?) 

Please feel free to view the photos from the trip below and I hope you enjoy them.