Vero: A call for second chance?

It has already been several weeks since the new social media platform, Vero, has taken a global rise and reportedly has exceeded 3 million users! CRAZY!!!!

Who could have known that some random app developed in 2015 would gain popularity 3 years after?!?



I know there are tons of rumors, news, controversies...etc around Vero but keep in mind Instagram and Snapchat also received tons of hate for multiple issues: Changing the Algorithm, Instagram Stories/Snapchat, the list just goes on! There were a few jealous Instagrammers out there who, honestly, butchered Vero because, I believe, they just didn't want to start from scratch. I mean think about it. You spend 5+ something years at the very least to grow a follower base and all of a sudden people are switching over or diversifying their social media platform with Vero. I'd be scared of losing my audience for sure but I would also try to survive rather than being scared and hating on the competition.

Check the Terms of Vero as well as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook...etc THEY ARE ALL THE SAME AND CLAIM NO OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORK.

Rather than hating on a new platform, why not give it a try and actually make something better out of it? One thing that really shocks me a lot is how most people forget or ignore that they have the ultimate control in creating a clean, engaged, and inspiring community. Perhaps with Vero we can begin on this purpose for clean social media?

Over two years later, during the week of February 19, 2018, the app climbed from #566 to #1 on the Apple app store in a matter of days.


Vero's biggest selling point against Instagram as been ditching the corporate oriented algorithm. Users have been receiving more exposure on Vero right now as opposed to Instagram. The strong increase in the user base as well as the constant follow/connect traffic on Vero shows the impact. 

I have been focused more on Vero lately as opposed to Instagram and that is not only because I see more potential in Vero but also I can't live my life on being stuck with tons of social media channels to pay attention to. I HAVE A REAL LIFE!

Keep in mind, however, Vero's no algorithm culture reminds me of the first days of Instagram so make the best out of it and share your content away!

2) NO ADS!

Do you ever feel like the Big Brother Instagram is listening to you and/or watching you? If you speak a good amount of time about going on a vacation, I bet you will run into a vacation themed sponsored ad on Instagram.

Vero, however, is making big promises and guaranteeing us that there will be no ads in their app. Instead, their sole income is going to rely on SUBSCRIPTIONS! For the first 1 million users, Vero, had promised FREE FOR LIFE access and had to extend it due to the influx of user interest. With the subscription system being placed, we may see a cleaner social environment with no fake accounts, bots, ghosts,...etc. Each account may matter more just because of this, should this realm continues growing in a healthy way.



Compared to Instagram, Vero does not only allow you to share Photos and Videos but also Links, Books, Movies/TV, Music and Places! It is almost a better user interface for Facebook. You can reflect on your likes and your personality more with Vero. Since I do photography, however, I do not feel like this feature appeals to me the most. For those who could use this, it is a richer opportunity for you to promote different brands and work on creative projects.

I particularly have enjoyed how you can include different active links to other content you are sharing. On Instagram, the only ways to share active links are to put a link on your bio and to include in your story (only business accounts)

  • Photos and videos — Users can share photos and videos on the platform as well as mini photo albums. Editing tools and filters are also available.
  • Links — Users can link to their favorite content, including articles, videos, and websites.
  • Music — Users can listen to a song preview directly through their friends’ posts. They can also listen to entire song using Apple Music, without leaving the Vero app.
  • Movies — Users can share their favorite movies with friends by including trailers within posts.
  • Books — Users can share the books they’re currently reading as well as their all-time favorite books with friends.
  • Places — Users can explore destinations around the world through photo posts.



The new social media app, Vero, is innovative with the Connect feature and the way you can network and showcase to various audiences. The Connect button allows you to categorize the people you'd like to have a deeper network with: Acquaintance, Friend, Close Friend. On top of Connect, of course, you have FOLLOWER.

When you are sharing content you can actually decide to which audience you'd like to share your content to and this allows a more customizable and personal experience for us all.


One of the biggest ideas that Instagram community has brought was to give each other shoutouts and exchange followers, should they decide to follow. On Vero, you are allowed to Introduce users on your profile and give the connection/followers the chance to follow the user.

It has gained a lot of attention and Vero's official account on their platform has been introducing people left and right.

This feature can give us a closer experience to grow a stronger community.



On Instagram most people have bought numbers to boost up their efforts, because let's face it humans are fucking stupid (we can only read numbers and not quality). Thanks to Vero's subscription plans, there may be no possible way for users to purchase likes and/or followers.


I guess this was partly created due to Instagram's algorithm mistake but it is time to be real people. Vero should not make people feel like they should be included in pods.


It is time for you to be more real with Vero rather than renting a Ferrari and acting like you own it on your posts. BE REAL and GENUINE.