INSTAGRAM 101 - How to CORRECTLY use Instagram

Recently I have been extremely annoyed at how most people use or can't use Instagram. Before I touch base on the two types of wrongful users on Instagram I just would like to emphasize that social media has turned into such a misrepresented clutter of information to us. Whether is is things like "FAKE NEWS" that Facebook is trying to put ads about on TV or things as users we share, LIFESTYLE is misguided. I wish I could say it is up to Instagram to clean that up and organize the archive for but IT IS NOT! As USERS, it is our job to responsibly be social and not misinform people on what we present. I will touch base on those two types of users below one by one:


- Quality or Quantity? - I believe both are of equal importance to how you manage your social media, in this case Instagram. I see many users who post low quality posts just so that they SHARE SOMETHING, or users who post WAAAAY TOOO MANY and FREQUENTLY, or who do both! There is no such thing as post a lot and people will come. Over time, people have been more selective on social media in terms of what they follow and view so it is up to us to curate our content properly and share to the world out there.

2) Speaking of the World out there, GEOTAGS:

- As I surf around Instagram, I keep seeing how many users actually avoid using Geotags and don't actually know how to do it either. Geotags will increase your exposure as well as your engagement (as long as you post quality content in good frequency and with good caption and hashtags) 

- I see people who put the wrong geotag and their photo gets disconnected from the rest of the photos taken at the same location. In the LA county area, I constantly see people putting Santa Monica for a shot taken in Venice or a Hermosa Beach photo shared with a Manhattan Beach geotag. You don't know where you were? SOOO GET YOUR GEOTAGS STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

- The principle a geotag operates in is quite simple. There are specific targeted geotags such as stores, establishments, parks, more individual locations; and then there are those broader geotags such as cities and towns. I personally prefer sharing my content based on specific geotags so if I shot photos on the Santa Monica Pier, I would tag Santa Monica Pier as the geotag so that someone who searches for Santa Monica, California would also view my shot. If you, however, put the broader geotag to your content then the specific searches won't be able to see your content.


- Most people don't really now how to add hashtags let alone they know which ones to use and how many to use. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 unique hashtags. I put my hashtags right after my caption on the comments section and believe me IT STILL WORKS!

- What annoys me the most, however, is when someone uses a portrait based hashtag for a cityscape or a food photo just because it may reach a better exposure. THAT IS WRONG and YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT!