Why I love Spider-Man: Far from Home?

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! (Shocked if you still haven’t seen the movie btw!)

It has been a few months since Spider-Man: Far from Home hit the theaters, and I just found the time and energy to write about this marvelous (literally) movie and why I have truly enjoyed and loved watching it over and over again. Aside from this movie following the Avengers Endgame, MJ and Peter Parker finally making it, Peter’s identity leaked by Mysterio, and J.J. Jameson being part of the MCU; I actually loved this movie for another particular reason as well.

Ever heard of the movie “If Looks Could Kill” from 1991 starring Richard Grieco and Linda Hunt? (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102095/)

If you have never heard of such a movie then I suggest you watching it as the theme is pretty similar to Spider-Man: Far from Home.

In our recent MCU movie, Nick Fury (or is it?) takes over Peter Parker’s summer school trip across Europe and manipulates their itinerary based on the Elementals incidents with Mysterio. In the 1991 movie, “If Looks Could Kill”, we have our protagonist we have Michael Corben, played by Richard Grieco, and he has to take a summer class in French, a class trip to France, to graduate high school. He is, however, mistaken for an agent and people try to kill him as his class itinerary is changed.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Spider-Man was not only an amazing follow up to the events of Avengers Endgame but also a great reminder of the 1991 movie that I truly enjoyed watching back in the day.

My wishful thinking is that both Sony and Marvel appreciate the strong love the fans have to offer and for once put money and greed aside to actually continue to make true movie history. You are going to make your money either way from the box office hits, licenses, toys…etc