When in San Francisco...

I can confidently say that I have conquered the uphill roads of San Francisco! Rather than constantly waiting for the cable car line, I have preferred to put my legs to a good use. Within the ever changing weather of San Francisco you might want to be prepared with a thin outwear like NorthFace or Patagonia. Trust me, it is not a pleasant trip if you are busy with feeling cold.

My last visit to San Francisco was 6 years ago before the present one. In 6 years not much has changed that I would notice but I bet the locals would have plenty to count. My hotel was located by Union Square and I was easily able to commute between destinations from there. Couldn't really figure out the barely existing subway system of SF which is called BART. 

I have wanted to visit the Painted Ladies of San Francisco a lot and, happily, it happened this year. There was only one exception to this visit, the renovation of the park! I tried to capture the best out of the Painted Ladies but have limited photos of the venue there due to the renovation of the park.

I am hoping to pay another visit to San Francisco later this year with the hopes for finishing up what I couldn't do during this visit. (Alcatraz?) 

Please feel free to view the photos from the trip below and I hope you enjoy them.



My New Watch from JORD

Few weeks ago I have received an amazing wooden watch from JORD! (www.woodwatches.com)

Ran by artists, designers, marketers, and minders; JORD spends their days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Their journey consists of such fun and joyful moments. Focusing on sustainability and creating modern lifestyle oriented look gives JORD the unique standing of their brand. As I have written for and introduced you different watches, I have always focused on the main purpose of a watch, telling the time, of which JORD does well too along with providing the date. JORD makes the time count.

The Dark Sandalwood, worth about $159 on their website, is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Along side of it being splash-proof, I love the concept of a wooden watch because to me it is out of the ordinary. Being used to plastic or metal watches with plastic or leather bands, having a wooden watch is a breath of fresh air and it is much lighter. It almost makes you feel like you are not wearing a watch.

From my coworkers to my social circle outside of the office space, my JORD watch is definitely an accessory that constantly receives questions and compliments for. If you are planning to keep your watch at a mint condition I would strongly suggest you to visit JORD's website provided above to read more on how to preserve your watches.

Captain America: Civil War Review (SPOILER ALERT!)

Yesterday I and my girlfriend went to Apple Cinemas (small local cinema) to watch Captain America: Civil War. As an all time Marvel fan, I was stoked to see this movie; especially after reading such wonderful reviews being made and how this movie is Marvel's best so far. Well, buckle up because I am going to do some nitpicking and tell you why it is not the best movie so far and why it is the best movie so far.


1) You get to see Marvel doing the best in creativity!

From the new characters such as Spider-man to Black Panther, Marvel does it again with the fun and action packed creativity. We first got seeds planted in our brain for Spider-man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther in Ant-Man's movie with small references. Most of us have especially been curious about how Marvel was going to portray their flagship character, Spider-man after so many Sony attempts. This time, Spider-man is being played by a younger fellow, Mr. Thomas Holland, and not some late 20 year old guy who is trying to be a high school/college student. So hats off to Marvel for straightening things out for us. You gave us the "Friendly Neighborhood" Spider-man.

In the movie, Tony and Steve are not on the same page with being tied to the Government with their future actions since for Steve, this would be giving your freedom to the 117 governments who signed on this accord. Tony, on the other hand, believes that they should be put to check so that it would be the responsible act for both future moves and for PR. After all, they sort of collapsed buildings on to innocent people without knowing (collateral damage?) I guess the mother figure made real sense to this billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist to act sensible and responsible. Once the major heroes set their ways apart, they begin recruiting for their teams. Iron Man gets the spider boi whereas Cap gets our good old Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man). 

In the movie, you sort of see Black Panther floating around and he is definitely the weight bringer in the movie to balance things out in the righteous way. The guy is not interested in our Avengers, he is just trying to avenge his own dad for being murdered. He is after Bucky so Captain has to protect his old friend from being torn apart by Black Panther. 

Spider-Man's humor wins our hearts more in this movie because he has the humor of a teen. Being fan struck with all the major league heroes and trying to impress "Mr. Stark" with his performance. Spidey really really wants to be a part of this elite squad. He takes down a lot of the guys too, starting with taking over Captain's shield. His fight with Bucky and Falcon was truly magnificent with the extensive talk Spider-Man put in. 

From one insect to another, Ant-Man plays it big in this movie with being "Giant-Man". He has tried it in the lab and fainted but what the hell, he will still give it a try for some good distraction. Right at that moment, Tony wanted to know if anyone was hiding anything in his team that should be put to show LOL. Making me also feel old, Spider-Man reminds us the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back scene with the AT AT and how you get to destroy them with the string shooters and takes care of Giant-Man. (impressive kid!) 


Where to begin?!?! So many Easter Eggs were in this movie that it was head spinning!

Stark family returns - as holograms! At an MIT Alumni Event, Tony Stark is the keynote speaker talking about how innovation and his past were making him who he is right now. He supported every student sitting there with limitless funding for their research and encouraged them to pursue further into the future. We see Tony revisiting the day his parents died so you could already tell that this scene has to do with something in the movie.

Where is Pepper Potts? I truly wished to see Gwyneth Paltrow in this movie but it didn't happen. With all that has happened in the movie, it was kind of challenging to focus on what happened between her and Tony. I guess she just couldn't take on the stress of losing Tony during a fight.

Spider-Man gets an upgrade from Tony Stark after Tony's visit to Spidey's house. Just like our friend Deadpool, we can see the animated eyes of Spider-Man and read emotions better. The post-credits scene also gives us the Spider Signal designed by Tony Stark for Peter Parker. Speaking of Spider-Man, let's visit how attractive and young Aunt May is in this movie. The shapes, forms, and sizes have always been mentioned in this movie for the characters played by different actors/actresses. This played a huge part for Marisa Tomei's Aunt May and how Tony Stark was flirty with her (although he didn't really like the cookies) 

Starting with the "Sokovia Accords" you get a glimpse of #tbt moments in Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this time from the casualties' point of view. It hasn't been an easy task to manage all these without a single error. The heroes probably had no idea about the death toll they had of innocent souls while they were fighting for their battles. To them, they were just saving the world; which they did. You can see the split of ideas appearing more with such tangible examples being given to our heroes to either empathize with or just perceive it as collateral damage. 

So long Peggy Carter! I was expecting to see somebody die in this movie but never knew that it was going to be Peggy Carter, one of the founding members of SHIELD and Steve's sweetheart. Steve receives a text message saying "She is gone in her sleep" and the scene takes us to London with Steve taking the lead in carrying Peggy's coffin at the funeral. We then learn that Sharon Carter, Steve's "nurse neighbor" from Winter Soldier (actually a SHIELD agent) is related to Peggy Carter and that she learned from the best. We also see Steve being influenced and inspired by Sharon's talk and I guess his feelings about the accords get stronger with such an unplanned tragedy.

Hello Thunderbolt Ross! We see General Ross appear as the Secretary of State in front of our team of mighty heroes to give them a spiel on the accords. Ross does not miss out on Banner and Thor and asks Captain if he knows where they are. With no answer given to Ross, I guess the Avengers are clueless like we are about Thor: Ragnarok. 

I have already written about Ant-Man turning into Giant-Man above so that is covered LOL

Redwing takes a mechanical form in this movie. In the comic book, the Falcon shares a telepathic connection with a live falcon which he calls "Redwing" I guess it was easier to digest for the viewers to see a drone rather than a live falcon but the name kept the same! 

Stairwells are the recent trend for Marvel after the limbs being cut off. From Daredevil to Deadpool we have been seeing fighting scenes in limited corridors and stairwells and Civil War also had a cool multiple level stairwell fight for us.

Hawkeye & Ant-Man Team Up! Most of us know from the comic book (Avengers #223) that Ant-Man has this strategy with Hawkeye to be bolted out from his bow into the air. Seeing this iconic scene was definitely amazing!

Will Bucky ever be the new Captain America? Steve Rogers does not die in this movie since Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) dies and Sharon Carter shares a hot kiss with Steve. We see Bucky take a hold of the shield multiple times while fighting side by side with Captain America. With Bucky being frozen again, this time in Wakanda, I do not think Steve Rogers will be killed off anytime soon. The viewers got too familiar and close to Steve Rogers and killing him this early would not result well.

Vision and Wanda Maximov - the love story? Although we do not see Wanda and Vision get hitched like in the comic book, we see them get closer in this movie. From Vision getting dressed in human outfits to him trying to cook food for Wanda, we see small flirts between the two.

Bucky kills Tony's parents! - I knew from the Winter Soldier movie that Bucky was the one who murdered Tony's parents because Zola said "Accidents Happen" showing newspaper articles about Howard Stark's Car Crash and Nicholas J. Fury's "Death". As striking and emotional as it may seem, Tony should have taken a step back and thought about this before acting so recklessly on it like he did with Iron Man 3 and Mandarin. I guess Tony has real issues on controlling his emotions. Way to go Zemo on manipulating with one single video footage.

The iconic fight between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers happens in Siberia (not on top of corpses) and the Civil War comic book cover is recreated in one scene where Captain America and Iron Man clash with the shield deflecting the rays of Iron Man. 

"The Great Futurist" is here! These were the words Hawkeye yelled when Tony Stark walked into "Prison 42" but takes more inspiration from the "Raft" In the middle of nowhere, under the ocean, Tony Stark does his commute with his "Stark Industries" chopper that is equipped with an Iron-Man suit he puts on with the push of a button.

"Never trust a Stark!" Hank Pym said to Scott Lang in Ant-Man the movie and we see that repeated in the Raft by Scott to Tony within a few seconds of screen time.

Stan Lee and Tony Stank! The father of Marvel is always a fun cameo to spot in almost every Marvel movie. In every movie theater I watch a Marvel movie, Stan Lee always gets applauded by the viewers. This time it was Stan Lee as a FedEx Delivery man who pays a visit to the Avengers Facility. Asking for "Tony Stank" he delivers a letter and a cellphone to Tony Stark from Captain America. We will never forget about Tony Stank for sure!

Black Panther and Wakanda - After seeing Bucky frozen again with his metal arm not replaced. We get a glimpse of the might Wakanda. From waterfalls to large Black Panther statues, Wakanda definitely looks like a land with a lot to offer for a stand alone movie.


1) Why the hell are you even fighting each other? After we left the movie, I got this disturbing feeling of constantly asking why they were fighting. We all saw so many deep movies out there such as Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, and Avengers with such complicated plans that the mighty team should have learned their lesson by now and actually should have done some detective work. If it weren't for Zemo to give the hotel service a call for breakfast we wouldn't have known about the dead guy in the bath tub and wouldn't have learned about the mask of Bucky. So all of a sudden, was it worth fighting each other? It was, probably because we wanted to see them in action LOL but it just didn't sit right with me after the movie ended.

2) The only one to complain - Rhodes aka War Machine! After the airport battle between our heroes, we see Rhodes get a misfire by the Vision and fall drastically almost to his death since both Iron Man and the Falcon try to save him but can't get there in time. Luckily, Rhodes did not die on us but he got paralyzed. He informs Tony that after 138 flight operations he did he never faced anything like this and he fights for the common good. After this incident Rhodes said he still doesn't regret it. Well I guess it sucks for you but you are the only one who has a serious damage to complain about out of this meaningless fighting. Hopefully that Stark tech will give you incredible leg strength.

3) Zemo was under sold. I don't know if it was because of Inglorious Bastards or not but I saw a lot of similarities between the two and it sort of didn't give me that Zemo vibe from the comics. It was a very simple character who, somehow, happened to succeed in ruining things that easily but there was no character to him. I was expecting something like Loki who had tons of character to read from.

4) Worries me for the future movies! With all these characters around you almost have a mouth watering experience but it is head spinning. On top of all these heroes e still have Guardians of the Galaxy to interact with the Avengers and I do not know how Marvel is planning to balance that one out. Don't get me wrong I am stoked for the Infinity War movies but I am also scared that it won't be as good as the earlier movies. Luckily the Civil War was definitely not a Batman vs. Superman LMFAO!!!

5) CGI is sometimes too unreal! During some of the scenes of the movie you could pick up on the CGI effects really well because they are too apparent. From a car in a chase scene to Ant-Man in the group scene some CGI effects were not as good as the previous ones.

6) Marvel movies are known for their amazing soundtracks and the creative composers they work with. Although I enjoy listening to Henry Jackman's music, this movie's soundtrack lacked the spirit of Captain America and other heroes and did not really stick with me. Normally if I listen to soundtracks I can re-imagine the scenes from the movies that are connected to the soundtrack but with this movie it really didn't sit right.


I strongly believe Winter Soldier was the best Marvel movie still but Civil War is a great offering by Marvel with plenty of fun action packed scenes and new faces to enjoy. Looking forward to all of the near future movies such as Doctor Strange of whom I haven't even seen any easter eggs of. Stoked to know that Spider-Man is getting his own movie with the creative vision of Marvel, Spider-Man the Homecoming! 

Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what did you think about it? Comment your thoughts and more easters eggs you have seen down below! 

Hello @imshootingwith!

There has been numerous video channels out there that have documented photography adventures or photographers but never to an extent that made it feel like real. I just wanted to commit my spare moment to shooting genuine videos of myself and my friends when we are shooting photos together just to show the others that there are other communities out there they can know about. From our infamous @portraitmeet to just a small group shoot, I find it deeply important to document such happenings so that people who are interested but have always been hesitant to join can see how amazing and fun these meet ups are and join us in the future.

Along with the YouTube Channel, I have also created an Instagram account (@imshootingwith) dedicated to this channel. Please feel free to follow/subscribe and share the video with your friends! ENJOY :)

My Weekend Trip to NYC

April 22-24, 2016 - The weekend I have been waiting for to meet up with good old New Yorker Instagram community! Instagram has announced the #WWIM13 for the global community to meet up that weekend and celebrate the Earth Day together. 

Weeks before the weekend; my good friend, Martin Tadashi, has asked Keen and I to see if we can host an instameet together again, just like the #BushwickMeet we have done back in the day for another worldwide instameet. Without any hesitation, I said "YES!" and got my ticket to NYC. 

The day came by and our new instameet, #LESMeet, took place at Projective at Freemans. Crashing at Martin's place in New Jersey, we woke up at 5AM to hit the road and find a parking spot in the city that would be both convenient and affordable for us. We have hosted a delicious breakfast composed of giant donuts and coffee for a total of 45 people. As we filled the venue and enjoyed our tasty bites, we had the chance to also network and enjoy the first instameet morning together. Followed by our lovely breakfast, we have put together the group to have a productive discussion going on regarding today's instagram community, photography, and growth opportunities along with some tiny gossips LOL

After the nice indoor activities, we have decided to take our path towards the Williamsburg Bridge and a bit of Brooklyn while shooting photos on the way. Met plenty of amazing individuals and shot great photos around that day. Next stop was another Instameet at Greenpoint hosted by Eduardo. We joined a small group of amazing people and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. We have finalized our day at Eduardo's house with tasty homemade pasta and made it back home around 1:00AM. WHAT A DAY!

The next day, we got to the city early as usually and met up with some friends to shoot with around the city. We have finalized our tour in Central Park to join the @pursuitofportraits #WWIM13POP. With more than 150 creative faces coming together it was an insanely crowded and happy group of people.

At the end, NYC was a WIN for sure and I always appreciate the friendly community there. Until next time Big Apple!

The Best #BostonPortraitMeet Yet! Thank You!

Yesterday, we had another #BostonPortraitMeet, this time held atArnold Arboretum with over 70 attendees. The passion and interest in portrait photography is growing everyday and I sincerely hope that it facilitates people getting to know each other more while capturing each moment.

I have been to Arnold Arboretum about 4 times and couldn't finish the area in any of my visits! I always hear about this awesome peak called Peters Hill from which you can spot a gorgeous cityscape of Boston glancing at your from the distance with trees guiding the way towards it. Managed by Harvard University, the Arnold Arboretum is a house for about 15,000 plants that characterize about 4,000 kinds of woody plants, which consist of trees, shrubs, and vines. (http://cambridge.com/visiting-cambridge/museums-sites/arnold-arboretum/) 

FYI: There is barely a cafe or restroom facility at the arboretum so make sure to take care of your needs by the entrance and then enjoy the park LOL!

The Arboretum is located at 125 Arborway in Boston, surrounded by Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, Hyde Park.. etc so it is both a very central location as well as a distant location for most to commute. Despite the street parking, it is really not an easy location to commute to compared to a Beacon Hill or Boston Common. The Orange Line also gets there via Forest Hill so if you are a subway commuter you can definitely use that option too.

Please enjoy the photos I have taken at the latest #BostonPortraitMeet at Arnold Arboretum below and thank you very much to those who have shared their lovely Sunday with us! I truly hope that you have enjoyed this experience as much as I did.




Facing Death! - Tired of Ignorant Drivers!

I am writing these fresh words out of my shocked heart and brain which have just experienced almost an incident that could have ended with almost a tragedy. As I was walking back to my car from the dinner I and my girlfriend had with my family in Harvard Square I have encountered one of the most careless and ignorant drivers in Massachusetts (literally a MassHole) We were crossing the street from the crosswalk located on the entrance of Ash Street via Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge and right when we were in the middle of the crosswalk this blue car stops by Mt. Auburn, flashes its blinker, and after waiting for a second or two starts to accelerate on to us! Then, thank God, she realizes that we are on the crosswalk she immediately hit her break and made a sudden stop to see our shocked faces in her headlights. I have always had the utmost hatred and disgust in such reckless drivers in this state so I just yelled "DO YOU NOT SEE US? COME ON!!!" and the driver's reaction was just pure ignorance. My only wish is to have filmed her stupid driving so that I could report her to the authorities with her license plate.

I truly believe that such reckless and ignorant drivers should be banned from the roads and their licenses should be taken away for good. They are literally operating to endanger! The mixed feeling I have had over this few seconds of an experience are not only priceless but also indescribable by words. I hope she feel really bad about that experience and can't sleep today because I do not show the simplest mercy to such people who do not care about our lives. If that car would have hit us we could have maybe had a simple injury or even something as complex as paralysis or internal injuries that could lead to death! 

I had so much more to say to her face if she had stopped even more at least to apologize but she didn't even bother to apologize. So in summary "FUCK YOU BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER!"

Hello Ursula! - Boston Snow in April

It is April yet we still get snow in Boston! What realm is this? Ever since I moved to Boston, I have been exposed to harsh winters that required some shoveling and stockpiling. Frankly, it was the first time I had to experience such snow storms in my entire life. Nemo, at the time, has definitely made its name in my life as well as others' in Boston. Do we not get snow in Istanbul? We sure do but probably not as much as we get it here in Boston. I have never opened my door in Istanbul to find an imprint of a door on a large pile of snow. 

What is so striking about such snow storms is that people do not really care. I stock piled so much and tried to do so much to survive yet to most people it is just a usual thing to take care of. The only attractive activity I could find during such storms, other than building an igloo, is taking photos around the city and witness the white scenes first hand. For the most part, the city tends to be deserted with rare footprints on the ground covered in mere seconds. Occasionally you would run into someone struggling with their umbrella or walking on the road in that slippery floor or the slushy snow. 

With all the colors and tones Boston has to offer with the beautiful and historic architecture, snow is definitely a perfect match for the city until it all starts melting and getting filthy. 

Storms get interesting names; from Nemo to Mars somehow someone finds the inspiration to name them. Some are good fits whereas some are just jokes. In a way, if you are lucky enough, you can even see a trend of the Greek squad switch over to a more Disney theme later on. I think this is where Ursula meets and becomes a perfect fit name for a snowstorm. The evil freezing claws of Ursula definitely stopped the gorgeous blossoms we were about to have.

How did you spend your day with Ursula?

Dear @instagram

Dear @instagram

The world is going through a lot and it is difficult to keep a track of everything while keeping a good spirit. 

I am extremely saddened by the recent tragedies happening around the world but what makes me even more upset is the apparent disregard of what has been going on in Turkey, my home country. I believe in equality and I’d like to think that we all believe in equality. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe when support is only given to selected events. Turkey has been a victim of terrorism numerous times within the past few months and I have yet to see a symbol of hope and support made for Turkey shared on your profile. I am sad for the lives that were lost unnoticed. I wish they could have gotten the support that we all give to so many others.

Instagram started with the principle of#communityfirst. Where is the community? I am disappointed that community is everything BUT Turkey although Turkey is even within your Top 5 most active countries. I applaud you for sharing your thoughts and prayers with Paris and Brussels, as we all should, but would it hurt to share them with Turkey too? EVERYBODY NEEDS LOVE! 🙏🏼❤️✌🏼️ /

Breather? Barely!

As you probably might have seen through my profile or every other Boston Instagrammers' profile, winters are horrible in the city. The #PortraitMeet attemps we have made are always challenging in terms of attendance and energy due to the sharp cold weather. What have we decided to do then? Possibly locate indoor space to do our shoots. There has been several doubts I've had over whether this would be called a #PortraitMeet because I do not prefer to have a limit over attendance. My instameets are open to everybody who is friendly and interested in photography/film making/modeling. I don't care if you shoot with your phone or with a top notch camera as long as you share the similar interest with the group, portraits!

So I looked into some indoor options and the first that came into my mind was AirBnB. The only disadvantage with AirBnBs in Boston, however, is that most houses are old and the modern, large, and well lit houses are extremely costly. In order to get a decent size with a decent cost I have decided to approach a small company called Breather which rents out space for hourly rates around several cities of the USA. As they had some scattered around Boston as well, I have decided to invite 17 people (mix of photographers/models/and film makers) to join me in a 4 hour session and share the cost. One Instagrammer from the group pointed out that I should reach out to Breather and ask for a free rental for the 4 hour time rather than us paying for it. Imagine, just 17 Instagrammers mentioning Breather in their profile. How awesome would that be for a company that is relatively new in the field and new to the Instagram world? So I received that advise and reached out to the General Manager of the Boston branch of Breather. As I told him about our plans, I have seen the slightest interest in his emails with a bit of snob built in to it. I was informed that they were shying away from giving away space for free and that they would still charge us and perhaps add refreshments to the room. Actually at that moment, I should have just said "you know what, keep it. Good bye!" but I didn't and instead decided on paying the full amount and not even promoting their services to us. After all, why should we promote you if you are treating us this rudely?!? 

When the day comes for us to go in and shoot the photos at the venue, I received another email from the GM of Breather this time asking us to extend the hour a bit because they got into a bet with one of their coworkers and if we extend it they will give us cupcakes. WTF dude?!?! Are you serious?! Are you high?! I am telling you all here to never get a Breather space because the treatment I have seen from them is just pure unprofessional manner. Shame on you! Your loss!

@danielwellington - The Social Watch

With 2 million followers on Instagram, Daniel Wellington has definitely made its name to our daily life. I think I can confidently say that it almost became a must for every "influencer" Instagrammers out there to either have a Daniel Wellington or see photos of this beautiful brand on their feed via other Instagrammers. How did Daniel Wellington became who they are today and outdid a prestigious global brand such as Omega in the Social Media field? 

I always say that classics never die and am a huge supporter of simple thinking. No need to over-complicate things in life while there are so much more complicated deals going around us everyday.  What strikes most people the first time with Daniel Wellington is their minimalist and elegant design. I don't need fancy watches such as Apple Watch to tell me what time it is when I can clearly get the same direct service out of a Daniel Wellington and my iPhone (duh) You have to keep it simple and classic at least through some perspective and why not do this in a stylish social way with Daniel Wellington rather than a Star Trek way of living. (also Apple Watch is nothing but a modern day beeper)

I've ready the article on Bloomberg.com by Stephen Pulvirent about how Daniel Wellington made a $200 Million business out of cheap "Chinese made" watches, relying almost entirely on social media. (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-14/how-daniel-wellington-made-a-200-million-business-out-of-cheap-watches)

A Swedish watch brand producing in China. Does it really matter where it was produced from? I basically see this as an attempt to damage the brand attribute but let's face it, what is not produced in China these days? Every now and then, I see a few grocery store items that are "Made in the USA" and possibly some outfits from H&M or GAP that say "Made in Turkey" Those who try to demean the brand, however, most likely are forgetting that Apple's iPhones especially say "Designed by Apple in California - Assembled in China" (shocked?)

The goal is to spread the word out in the least costly and the quickest way possible. How do you do that? Via SOCIAL MEDIA!!! HELLOOO!! Just email hundreds of leading Instagrammers out there and say "Hey! You want a free watch with a discount code? Just share a few photos of our watch!" There you have it, taking initiative and partnering with "influencers" pays off. Now some of you will say "I don't work for free product/service. I pay for my equipment, can't eat a Daniel Wellington or pay my rent or college loans with it" You know what, I agree with those peeps out there but it has almost come to such a stage in life that it is almost like a game achievement to own a Daniel Wellington for free. Almost jumping up multiple levels and saying "I've made it!" I believe in  3 levels on Instagram:

1) Becoming a Suggested User by Instagram

2) Getting a Daniel Wellington watch for free

3) Being featured on accounts/magazines/blogs...etc

Daniel Wellington doesn't need Instagram's direct support with an S.U. since many other influencers are featuring them already with their product. They have already made their name in various accounts/magazines/blogs...etc so there you have it all they have to do to get to such different levels is to give free watches to people which by Bloomberg's article does not cost much. As Borat would say "GREAT SUCCESS!" :D

If you can hold on to a quality product and create a living story for a brand, a lifestyle, then I say go for it! Daniel Wellington's exceptional Social Media campaign helped this giant brand to come to where it is right now. I love the simple face design as well as the comfortable straps. Does it tell the time? YES! So what else should I look for that sets Daniel Wellington apart from others. Does it fit my simple and classic style? YES! Do I need an Armani or some other brand that I can't pronounce to show how "unique" and "classy" I am like those male fashion blogs or Instagram? NO! (frankly you should see behind-the-scenes of each shot those folks have lol)

I applaud Daniel Wellington for all the creative work they have put and for them to lead the way to other watch brands who are emailing tons of Instagrammers for product placements now. I also would like to thank them for providing me with my 2nd-3rd DW watch. Everyone should have a Daniel Wellington if they choose to live the simple and elegant life.


The #CambridgePortraitMeet Crew - 03/12/2016

The #CambridgePortraitMeet Crew - 03/12/2016

With @portraitmeet we have organized our Nth #PortraitMeet (yea kind of lost track of the amount now lol) This time we took our meet to the beautiful city of Cambridge. As our initial point we chose the Wall alley at Central Square and continued from there to the MIT/Kendall area. More people showed up as we moved along and outside people showed interest in what we were doing.

What was so special about this meet, other than being special to begin with, was that it was partnered with @igerssf with #SFPortraitMeet in San Francisco, California. Although the community there experienced not so pleasant weather for the day, they managed to meet up still and enjoy each other's company. Thanks to my friend Steve aka @s.nisotel, we have managed to initiate this partnership and expand to the West Coast!!! 

We had some interesting coincidences too at the meet such as both meets having a dog (check the respective portraitmeet hashtags) at our #CambridgePortraitMeet Sasha definitely won the crowd over with the cute and friendly gestures she has shown.

There were some awesome surprises that I gave out during the meet such as a pair of sunglasses from Classic Specs and a classic backpack from Herschel Supply Co. If there are brands interested in our meets and would like to do giveaways they are more than welcomed to contact us!

We are very open to expanding to greater distances via other creative and community oriented Instagrammers out there so if you want to host your own #PortraitMeet definitely contact us via portraitmeet@gmail.com

I'd like to thank everyone who has joined us at the #CambridgePortraitMeet and hope that you have enjoyed the day as much as I do. Hope to see you again at the next meet :)

Hello @PortraitMeet

For a while I have been thinking of creating a second account that could possibly serve to the community rather than my own "Squares from my life." purpose.  So one day, as I was sitting in my office, I started to deeply think about whether it would be a good call for me to open a new account for the purpose of expanding the community in portraits.

Ever since day 1, I have been sharing candid or aware portraits on Instagram and for some reason they would never catch that much attention from the social media realm. Maybe people were not really interested in seeing faces or not interested in knowing more people in that medium and to this date I still can't find a reason why to this mystery. Despite what I was constantly told and slammed the hard fact that I would lose likes and followers because of sharing portraits, I have been persistent enough not to give up on it because I am primarily doing this for myself and to be happy. It is called "Squares from my life." I can't manipulate my life in a way to please others. If someone doesn't like it so be it. What do I care. 

All I know now, however, is that portraits are in an increasing trend for many individuals and brands out there. The true lifestyle and aspiration lives within other people showing their persona and outlook on Instagram. This opens plenty of doors for people starting with a new age for modeling. People who have been discovered via social media are now extremely well known models because of their massive follower count and quality shoots they have. I have been receiving so many emails from corporate clients or individuals who are interested in booking shoots with me. (FYI I do not do LinkedIn or Wedding shots: for that you either need to go to a CVS or AAA / or find yourself another photographer LOL) 

Portraits help people to click quicker than before. You get to know the person and literally observe them standing in front of you. Instameets are a lot more fun when the focus is based on portraits and not some average street shot. For a street shot, 50 people almost end up with the same shot whereas a portrait challenges you to come up with a different perspective and put your own creative spirit into it. Could be taking the photo of the same person but the presentation is different in many variations. Seeing this as the main advantage, I started organizing #BostonPortraitMeet. At first, not embraced that easily by many in the local community but when the outcome was apparent on Instagram more and more people joined in. 

The childish competitive folks on Instagram all of a sudden had to switch to portraits themselves and worked with many models that I firstly shot with. (of course I am blocked by the competitive folks but I know LOL) Every time I would meet up with my model friends they would complain how those folks are lame and rude so even shooting portraits has a manner and professionalism built in it. 

You get to learn all these at the Instameet by networking and experimenting. Plenty of people who wanted to be models are now signed with agencies with our content and we still hang out and shoot photos together due to the strong community bond we have created over multiple #PortraitMeets.

Now this #PortraitMeet concept has grown to other states and countries starting with #AthensPortraitMeet and #SFPortraitMeet

I encourage everyone to try shooting portraits and join a #PortraitMeet if not host one with @PortraitMeet account :)

Here is to another #BostonPortraitMeet! - Thank You :)

I have started Instagram with the hopes of sharing my view of the world and my view of others around me. The best way to do this was through portraits. At the time, however, portraits were never the appealing thing on Instagram, as far as you could tell from the lack of likes and comments. Like and follower oriented people would constantly tell me not to share portraits because they were not favored. Now look at us! Portraits are exponentially growing on Instagram and is now the go to theme of almost every brand out there. People have come to realize the true value of portraits compared to an average street shot.

We've had several Instagrammers from Greece message me to tell how inspired they are with the concept and that they'd like to organize an #AthensPortraitMeet! I just love how global this thing can actually get and how this could actually help people embrace their differences and accept them as value to their lives. Whether it be gender, race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation among many other diverse backgrounds; shooting portraits do help us to get to know each other more. You share that one on one or one on ten moment and connect with individuals. Sharing the same interest is the only reason you start out with and towards the very end of this meet you realize how many connections you have made and how many similarities and interesting differences you have encountered on that day.

One of the most beautiful experiences almost at every #BostonPortraitMeet are the surprises we encounter. Whether it'd be a concert or some jolly group of half naked people, third party individuals take part in our Instameet. (Note: I say our Instameet because although I might be the person behind the #BostonPortraitMeet, an Instameet wouldn't make sense alone)

So thank you to all the creative and friendly faces out there for sharing their time and effort with us. My only wish is that you enjoy this experience as much as I do.

For those who haven't joined one yet, please try and join us. The more the merrier!

Last Day Adventure in NYC! - Horrible?

So, after all the cold and tiring days in NYC during the #NYFW, I have finally decided to head back to Boston victorious and proud. On Tuesday, I woke up to a beautiful early morning with my girlfriend, ready to take our packed luggage and belongings and head towards the bus station. One unpleasant experience, however, was the intense smell of cigarettes in our room at the Sheraton Tribeca, which is a "No Smoking" Hotel. Waking up to such an awful smell obviously made me upset so I called the reception to let them know that such an incident was happening and it is not our fault since we do not smoke. They sent the security in no time and he walked around trying to figure our which room is actually smoking (as if somebody would pop up and say "HEEEY! I AM SMOKING! LOOK AT ME!!!" 

After this incident, we decided go down to the lobby to check out and the hotel has 3 elevators that have been problematic to begin with from day one. Some floor buttons are not functioning, extremely slow elevator process, and always packed! Our last day was not an exception for this elevator to bail on us. We have waited about 15-20 minutes for one elevator to stop and take us in with our heavy belongings to the lobby and of all the 3 only 1 one of them kept on stopping and it was always full. Seeing this, I was outraged so decided to take on all the heavy items myself and take them down the nearest staircase from 8th floor. A logical human would think that all stairs lead to all floors. Well this wasn't the case for Sheraton Tribeca because the staircase I took had no exit to the lobby and went one floor below the lobby, to a creepy kitchen/storage area. So what did I do? Took the heavy bags to the 2nd floor and took the other staircase that is on the other side of the building because that one lead to the lobby.

After successfully completing this task and arriving at the lobby what do I see? The two elevators that never stopped are actually out of order!!! Why wasn't Sheraton proactive in announcing this unfortunate situation to us from the beginning? Was it to difficult to post letter size notes on each elevator door or calling the people checking out and offering them assistance? So sad!

So I go up to the receptionist and he gives me the usual spiel that every hotel affiliate would: How was your stay sir? So I basically said "Let's do the check out first then i'll give you my feedback." so just like I said I have informed him as well and I guess I wasn't the only one so thank god for that!

Then we hop on our UBER and what do we see?! TRAFFIC! Only an hour left to our bus and we are stuck in traffic. We got to the Port Authority Bus Terminal 15 minutes before our departure and as we are standing all the way at the back we are informed that there will be a delay of 30 minutes because our bus driver is not here yet. Peter Pan and Greyhound made us wait at the gate with our heavy bags and no place to sit for 30 minutes until the driver came in. Could you not have us board within that lost 30 minutes so that we could at least take our seats and have the opportunity to put our bags in the trunk? So that 30 minute delay became 45-50 minute delay since people took their seats after the driver arrived.

The moment we hit the road the awful rain starting pouring on the roads and on us so the driver started driving slowly for safety reasons which I applaud for. The arrival to Boston, however, was an hour late. I don't even want to talk about our delay to home due to the rush hour traffic in Boston because people do not even know how to drive in Boston.

The lesson to be taken from this, at the time, still didn't hit me because I was upset, tired, and angry over what I have experienced in one day. (first world problems right) but then my sister sent me a write up about the survivors of the 9/11 attack and their reasons of why the were late to be at the World Trade Center. Being late saved their life. Some were stuck in traffic, some were stopping over for a band-aid, some were taking their kids to school...etc. So then it hit me, maybe I wasn't meant to be there at the time. I was meant to be at the correct place at the correct time.

That is the divine learning but as always for those in business conduct please do things right. Treat your customers with respect and empathy, drive safe, and be considerate.   

That was one day from my life. How was yours?


photo by oveth martinez

photo by oveth martinez

I am the kind of the guy who enjoys a new scarf or two but the depth of fashion goes way beyond a new scarf. I know how influential this realm is to millions. Fashion is a part of our culture, generation, and art. Anybody who puts on an article of clothing in the morning whether they like it or not is involving themselves in fashion.

On Monday, 04/15/2016, I had a life changing experience. I was able to witness and capture beautiful moments from Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2016 Show in New York, New York. 

What was so interesting about this fashion show, other than the fact that it is Tommy Hilfiger and that plenty of famous models are walking for the brand, this was the first ever InstaPit at a fashion show. I had the privilege of being one of sixteen creative and influential individuals to witness this magnificent show from a designated InstaPit area. 

Before I get into writing about the show I’d like to tell you a short story about my early morning commute to the venue. I woke up around 7:30AM-8:00AM and got in my UBER to the venue with tons of gear on my back meanwhile trying to look even more fashionable than usual. The UBER driver took me silently down to many streets of the Big Apple while I was skimming Instagram as I usually do. After a while, I heard my driver say “Excuse me sir. Are you famous?” (WTF LOL moment for me)

Shocked at what I heard and trying to comprehend what he had just said, I raised my head and saw a pair of eyes looking at me from the rearview mirror. I laughed and just said “I wish!” 

The driver further explained his question by stating that I looked sharp and fashionable so he thought I was famous. Then I explained him that I am just a photographer going to the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show for Instagram. I then got surprised by another question. “So you make the models famous?” the driver said without hesitation. With another laugh, I answered “I don’t think Gigi or Tommy Hilfiger need me to be famous” followed by explaining him how Instagram and I play our role in this glamorous world.

A few minutes later we arrived at the venue and I left my UBER driver with him wishing me good luck at the show. FYI I gave him 5 stars for just being AWESOME!

I arrived at the venue around 9:00AM hoping that I could be one of the early birds to arrive and get checked in, as I was told to show up at 10:00AM. Well that was not the case. About 20-30 more media individuals were lined up to check in. The excitement and networking began right at that point because I was there! After my check in, I was greeted by amazing people from Tommy Hilfiger Corporate and they were kind enough to guide me backstage and around the venue. Once we were backstage I recorded an awesome GIF that was set up as part of the Tommy Hilfiger backstage show which is posted on their Twitter. The stressful excitement I had earlier all of a sudden vanished when I saw all of the wonderful smiling facesI around me. Once we got to the main show room, this giant display of a ship greeted me with smoke coming out of its chimneys along with a starry sky in the background and beautiful benches surrounding the wonderful wooden floor of the ship. It reminded me of both Titanic and of course my hometown, Istanbul, with the beautiful Bosphorus boats that transport you between Europe and Asia.

I got the chance to network with several of the other creative individuals from the InstaPit who all shared the same excitement. Several minutes later the guests started to arrive and it was a flood of stylish people coming to witness the wonderful show Tommy Hilfiger had to offer. As more people starting filling the venue and time got closer for the show to start, my heart started beating even faster. This was my very first fashion show and I had so many questions in my head about how the experience was going to be like. You want to make the best of what you have to offer.

A few minutes later, lights start changing and the music begins with Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (one of my all time favorite songs). Then there you have it, the gorgeous models start ruling the runway!!! Gigi Hadid shows off her boss skills with every single step she takes followed by amazing models such as Hailey Baldwin, Taylor Hill, Sara Sampaio, Binx Walton Imaan Hammam and many more.

There was my moment to make every shutter count. Without even having the time to look up in between each shot to see how my photos were coming out I snapped away. My finger never left the shutter as well as my eye never left the viewfinder. Then there he was, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, owning the runway and showing his thanks to everyone for attending his show. Seeing such creative and successful people like Tommy Hilfiger inspired me a lot to pursue my dreams. Outfit after outfit and model after model, I was astonished by what I was experiencing and can definitely say that it was the best Monday I have ever had so far!

Once saying our good byes we all went outside, this time for a photo hunt of individuals who have attended the show. Model or no model we started shooting photos with photographers who were just waiting outside in the snowy cold weather to capture the best pose. I ran into the legendary 86 year old Bill Cunningham who is a Boston native. I managed to capture a photo of him during his hunt for different stylish individuals coming out of the fashion show.

Overall, I am thankful for this splendid opportunity I have received from Tommy Hilfiger and getting to network with all those amazing people with whom I’d love to keep in touch with in the future. Can't wait for the next fashion week ;)

Not Again! - Why?

Alright, I have been just tired of parenting around and trying to teach people how to behave. You just do not steal people's photos! 

I have been writing a lot about ethics and ownership on my blog including some "famous" names and their ignorant behavior but when will this truly come to an end because my fingers started hurting from all the stressful typing.

Again, it is all about lack of empathy. Just try to imagine a photographer, spending countless amount of money on his gear with such enthusiasm and hopes to actually show their perspective of the world, their own interpretation of the environment they are exposed to. Traveling to places, walking around, spending time on to just capture this one shot that could carry out more than a hundred messages. What do you do with this shot? You share it on Instagram! Why? To influence and inspire individuals (and obviously put your name out there) It is the photographer's photo because it is their own view of the world from the very eyes that have seen the moment first hand.

So after you share this photo with great hopes what happens? Some prick or multiple pricks come up and just take their time to take a print screen of your photo, crop it, and then share it on their profile (like as if they took it) and not give you credit for it. WHY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You take all that time to share my photo and you won't give credit?!?! Are you freaking serious now?!?! 

Please look at some individuals' profiles to see what has happened step by step:

I believe most of you would agree that I do not share my photos for heartless ignorant people to share them as their own! I bet you wouldn't either. People act all mighty in their online realm but I would like to see them try face to face to be honest because it should take some serious guts to throw such a stunt in an offline world. Online just makes it more legitimate because I have more evidence. I always kindly ask people to credit me when they share my work on their profile. I do not mind people sharing my work as long as I am given the highly deserved credit for my photo.

"So how do you find these photos Can?" you will ask. Well, the answer is very simple. These people who steal my shots do it to increase their likes and followers as well so what do they do? They put the same hashtags and geotags I do so without any laziness I just scroll through the major and classic hashtags to see if someone has shared it without giving me credit. When I find it, I ask them to give me credit (for the most part people don't do it and delete my comments and block me) then I report them to Instagram's Copyright Infringement Report website. (Link: https://help.instagram.com/contact/539946876093520)

I would highly recommend you to communicate to the person sharing your photos first as nice, mature, and professional people would care to do. If that doesn't work out then bring an "official" party in to make the "right" and "fair" decision.

These sorts of low life people discourage me to share my photos with those who deserve to see it. This is another battle that I shouldn't be fighting for because either your teachers or your parents are not doing their jobs rights. Grow up please!

P.S. I would especially watch out for @beautifull_pics_in_the_world because he has plenty of photographs she/he has taken from other people. Check to see if yours is stolen on there too!

UPDATE #1: @inevitableme does it again?!?! WTF LADY. How dare you!?! Shame on you!!!

You don't have any right to take my photo like this! Are you high?! 

Empathize and Take it Seriously!

During my daily routine I happen to encounter plenty of ignorant and unfortunate human beings, out of my sheer luck perhaps. Whether it be a mad driver on the road or an inconsiderate Instagrammer on social media, you have low life peeps everywhere and don't really have to look hard to find them.

I have seen many unforgivable ugly actions being portrayed on Instagram. From body shaming someone to showing jealousy and other forms of hatred; social media is definitely a guaranteed place to experience such unfortunate scenes. The moment you encounter that one prick (or multiple pricks) you tend to ask yourself why these people are wasting oxygen and what their purpose in life actually are. After all seeing hatred being portrayed on you so comfortably from miles away is pretty annoying and sad. You also ask why these people are acting this way on social media and whether they would say or do the same thing in person to you. (scary) Most of the times, you see these people just smiling at your face (FAKE) and act like nothing is going on.

Let's come to the main topic of the day. Why do people do these? Don't they know that their actions might hurt people's feelings and actually alter their life style? I guess they have lack of empathy because if this was done to them I don't think they would enjoy it. I see empathy as the next level in human evolution because it helps us better assess others and act accordingly. This shows a sense of community as well as respect in terms of maturity in mind. I don't want to act like teachers or parents to these individuals but somebody should have held you all from your hands and thought you about empathy. (unresolved childhood issues?)

Here is a very interesting experience I've had with a very good friend of mine on Instagram. Few months ago I shared a photo of a very gorgeous model who is on the skinny side of a physical look. This one gentleman, after viewing my photo, body shamed the model and told me how disgusting I am by sharing this photo and that he will unfollow. Now, of course me after seeing this, I go insane and outraged. So I basically replied saying that it is so rude and inconsiderate of him to say this and that he should truly unfollow me. Some of my friends jumped on the topic too to support myself and the model against this low life and then I looked at the person's profile. His sexual preference was towards the same sex! Deep inside I really wanted to ask that person why he was discriminating someone over their looks and how he would have felt if someone did that to him in the form of sexual orientation. I guess he forgot how some people are still against the same sex marriage although legally it is allowed now (thank god!) He has experienced probably an exponentially higher form of hate for his choices in life and now he is being rude to someone else??? WTF? You obviously forgot the empathize.

My message to all those reckless souls out there: watch yourself and strive for a greater level in life because what you are doing is not right. Get your head straight!